Fast VPN Server Network

Speedify Global VPN Server Network: Servers in over 50 locations

Manually select your desired location or let Speedify automatically connect you to the best server based on latency and availability. Once connected, the fast VPN server intelligently handles traffic to and from your various Internet connections to deliver faster speeds.
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  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    North America

    • USA – Atlanta
    • USA – Chicago
    • USA – Dallas
    • USA – Denver
    • USA – Fremont (Bay Area)
    • USA – Los Angeles
    • USA – Miami
    • USA – Newark
    • USA – New York City
    • USA – Northern Virginia (DC)
    • USA – Seattle
    • USA – San Francisco
    • Canada – Montreal
    • Canada – Toronto

    South America

    • Brazil – Sao Paulo


    • Austria – Vienna
    • Azerbaijan – Baku
    • Belgium – Brussels
    • Belgium – Oostkamp
    • Bulgaria – Sofia
    • Denmark – Copenhagen
    • Finland – Helsinki
    • France – Paris
    • Germany – Düsseldorf
    • Germany – Frankfurt
    • Ireland – Dublin
    • Italy – Milano
    • Italy – Palermo
    • Netherlands – Amsterdam
    • Norway – Oslo
    • Poland – Warsaw
    • Romania – Bucharest
    • Russia – Moscow
    • Russia – St. Petersburg
    • Serbia – Belgrade
    • Slovenia – Ljubljana
    • Spain – Madrid
    • Sweden – Stockholm
    • Switzerland – Zurich
    • Turkey – Bursa
    • UK – London


    • Hong Kong – Hong Kong
    • India – Bangalore
    • India – Mumbai
    • Indonesia – Jakarta
    • Israel – Tel Aviv
    • Japan – Tokyo
    • Singapore – Singapore
    • United Arab Emirates – Dubai


    • Libya – Tripoli
    • South Africa – Johannesburg


    • Australia – Brisbane
    • Australia – Sydney
    • New Zealand – Auckland

    More locations being added all the time – find them all in the Speedify app!
    200+ and growing

    The only VPN with Channel Bonding

    Use all of your Internet connections at the same time


    Speedify's unique channel bonding technology allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously to optimize performance. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, and streaming video can be accelerated by Speedify.

    What is a VPN?

    A VPN or “virtual private network” is software that encrypts everything you send or receive from the internet so no one can listen in or spy on your traffic.

    Browse, stream, watch, and play at the speed of all your Internet connections combined.

    Speedify uses military-grade encryption secures your data. Stay safe when browsing on public Wi-Fi or any other network.

    Once you have installed Speedify and signed in, you’re just one click away from complete online speed, security, and stability.

    Secure up to 5 devices with a single account. Speedify works on all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

    We don’t record, monitor, store, log or share anything you do. Plus, get secure access to streaming websites, social media, and messaging platforms without censorship.

    Connect to ultra-fast VPN servers in more than 70 locations around the globe to mask your IP address and protect your browsing activities.


    Risk-Free, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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    Individuals, families, teams & enterprises

    Speedify has options for everyone.

    2GB Monthly Data

    Starter Plan

    Try Speedify risk-free! We’ll optimize your first 2GB of data usage every month – no account needed.

    • 2GB Monthly Data
    • Use on 1 Device
    • Super Secure Encryption
    • Channel Bonding
    • Streaming Mode
    • Redundant Mode
    • Automatic Failover
    • Packet Loss & Error Correction
    • Servers Worldwide

    Unlimited Data


    Need more data? Upgrade to a monthly or annual plan with unlimited data for non-stop speed & security on up to 5 devices.

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    • Unlimited Data
    • Use on up to 5 Devices
    • Super Secure Encryption
    • Channel Bonding
    • Streaming Mode
    • Redundant Mode
    • Automatic Failover
    • Packet Loss & Error Correction
    • Servers Worldwide

    Unlimited Data


    Fast, reliable, and secure internet for your loved ones, at a special price! Stay in touch from anywhere, no restrictions.

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    • Unlimited Data
    • Use by 5 users on up to 5 devices per user
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Super Secure Encryption
    • Channel Bonding
    • Streaming Mode
    • Redundant Mode
    • Automatic Failover
    • Packet Loss & Error Correction
    • Servers Worldwide

    Unlimited Data


    Lightning fast channel bonding and rock solid redundancy for all of the people and devices in your organization.

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    • Unlimited Data
    • Dedicated Server Option
    • All Standard Speedify Features
    • Centralized Account Management
    • Teams Management API
    • URL API for Mobile Apps
    • Command Line Libraries

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Enterprises, Mobile Operators & MVNOs

    The Speedify SDK can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux software and runs in the background improving network performance for all the apps on the device.

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    • Solve your offloading issues
    • Leverage investment in Wi-Fi
    • Eliminate dead hotspots
    • Save LTE bandwidth
    • Seamless handoffs
    • Provide value added VPN
    • Access to network statistics