Introducing Pair & Share

Faster, together.

Easily share and combine Cellular connections to create a faster, more reliable connection for everyone.

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You'll call it magic.
We call it Pair & Share.


Pair & Share is a brand new feature that enables you to easily share cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users on the same local network...


Pro-grade cellular bonding that fits in your pocket.

Pair & Share works almost like a turbocharged personal hotspot, but instead of just one device sharing its connection with another, once paired, both devices can share and receive each other’s connections simultaneously.

Bond multiple cellular connections on any device

For the first time, its possible to use multiple cellular connections simultaneously on any device including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Androids.


Two-way sharing

With Pair and Share each paired device can both share it's own cellular connection (up to 10 Mbps) as well as use the cellular connections shared from other devices.

Pair once, share indefinitely

Once two devices are paired they will be available to each other every time they are on the same Wi-Fi network. Easily configure sharing and receiving settings or unpair at any time.

Safe and secure

All data sent between devices and the Speedify servers is fully encrypted. Neither the host or client can see each others traffic nor can they be blamed each other's activity.

Where would I use Pair & Share?
So glad you asked.


Sharing from the field

Trying to share a clip or make a video call to grandparents from the middle of a soccer field? Good luck. Now, with Pair & Share, you can grab a few parents, combine signals and be reporting live from the sidelines in no time.


Calling from the commute

Say goodbye to dropped video calls on the train or struggles with sending large attachments from the airport. Pair with your travel colleagues and you'll have a supercharged productivity hotspot up and running faster than you can say "bill-ability".


Streaming from the live event

Nothing beats the sights and sounds of a live event. But live-streaming those moments can be next to impossible with spotty reception and everyone fighting for a signal. With Pair & Share you just need a few friends or extra devices and you'll have the edge, and a ton of happy followers.