Take sharing to the next level with Speedify's Pair & Share

Easily share Cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users on the same Wi-Fi network.
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What is Pair & Share?

Pair & Share is a brand-new feature being built into Speedify that enables connectivity on a whole new level. Almost like a supercharged personal hotspot, pairing is quick and easy and lets any devices on the same Wi-Fi network running Speedify both share AND receive cellular connections enabling unprecedented connectivity and collaboration even in remote areas or across demanding applications.

IRL Streaming

Pair up the cellular connections from multiple mobile devices into a bonded super-connection capable of live streaming wherever and whenever.

Commuting or Travel

Pair up with a coworker or family member to overcome spotty Wi-Fi while traveling or commuting.

Trade Shows & Conferences

The perfect tool for cobbling together a reliable Internet connection in crowded or overly-saturated convention halls.

Bond multiple cellular connections on any device

For the first time, its possible to use multiple cellular connections simultaneously on any device including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Androids.

Two-way sharing

With Pair and Share each paired device can both share it's own cellular connection as well as use the cellular connections shared from other devices.

Pair once, share indefinitely

Once two devices are paired they will be available to each other every time they are on the same Wi-Fi network. Easily configure sharing and receiving settings or unpair at any time.

Safe and secure

All data sent between devices and the Speedify servers is fully encrypted. Neither the host or client can see each others traffic nor can they be blamed each other's activity.

Pair & Share is coming soon! Let's stay in touch.

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