Ten Connections are Better than One!

Speedify makes your internet faster, more stable, and secure.

Speedify for Mac and PC Screenshot

How many connections can YOU bond together?

The Testing Scenario

What better way to prove the efficiency of Speedify as a fast bonding VPN service than to combine 10 connections and measure the resulting bandwidth?

Our setup was simple: we used a PC and 10 tethered smartphones (iPhones and Android phones) connected via USB.

Each connection had a speed of 3 to 4 Mbps.

Combining 10 Connections with Speedify

Once we got all phones tethered, Speedify recognized them and we started downloading files and streaming a 4k video over YouTube.

The resulting bandwidth for all 10 combined connections was around 40 Mbps, as you can see in the screenshot below. This means that we actually achieved the combined throughput of all connections.


The Bottom Line

Speedify is a great solution for bad Wi-Fi hotspots and poor cell signal reception areas, which you may encounter while traveling, commuting, or reporting from the field. It saves the day when you have limited bandwidth or when you’re performing bandwidth-hungry activities, such as live streaming and online gaming.


Don’t compromise on speed when seeking security.

Whether at home, work, or on-the-go, Speedify is the only VPN that makes your online experiences faster, more reliable and more secure.

Combine Multiple Internet Connections

Speedify fast bonding VPN uses Channel Bonding technology to combine 2 or more internet connections at the same time. This gives you more bandwidth, lower latency, and increased stability. Speedify also protects your online privacy, keeping your activity, identity, and location safe from prying eyes.

Go Faster while Streaming, Gaming or Browsing

Combine your device’s available internet connections for up to 95% of their combined throughput. Enjoy faster HD streaming, uploads, downloads, and web browsing.

Get a Stable Internet Connection

If one connection becomes slow or unreliable, Speedify fast bonding VPN will move all of your activity, including streaming videos, web browsing, and app functions, onto other working connections without interruption.

Protect Your Online Traffic

Speedify 7 fast bonding VPN prevents hackers, ISPs, and anyone monitoring the network from viewing your personal communications, information, or data.

The Next Generation Fast Bonding VPN

Use all available connections for the best performance, no matter where you are.
Speedify is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Conventional VPNs are ill-suited for today’s mobile-centric world. They are power-hungry, rigid, fragile, and inefficient. They do not account for changes in network environments as you roam between Wi-Fi and cellular connections throughout the day. They don’t handle gaps in coverage and they can’t utilize all available internet connections.

Speedify is a new kind of VPN: built from the ground up with modern protocols designed to provide faster and more reliable connectivity across today’s wireless networks. You get all 3 elements of a good internet connection: speed, stability, and security. Plus – if you’ve got an iPhone, you can use Siri to streamline your most common Speedify actions.

Usage Graphs in Speedify

Easily monitor performance and data usage

Beautiful real time graphs track the speeds of your connections and keep tabs on your data usage.

Connection Settings in Speedify

Control how and when your connections are used

Set the Priority of your connections to maximize performance or save mobile data. With one click you can set Speedify to only use your 4G LTE network when Wi-Fi becomes congested or unavailable.

You can also set data limits on your connections to prevent costly overage fees from your mobile provider.

Server Selection in Speedify

Teleport your traffic around the globe

Manually select your desired location or let Speedify automatically connect you to the best server based on latency and availability. Once connected, the Speed Server intelligently handles traffic to and from your Internet connections to deliver faster speeds. View our Speed Server Locations

Individuals, families, teams & enterprises

Speedify has options for everyone.

2 GB Monthly Data

Starter Plan

Try Speedify risk-free! We’ll optimize your first 2 GB of data usage every month – no account needed.

  • 2 GB Monthly Data
  • Use on 1 Device
  • Super Secure Encryption
  • Channel Bonding
  • Redundant Mode
  • Automatic Failover
  • Packet Loss & Error Correction
  • Servers Worldwide

Unlimited Data


Need more data? Upgrade to a monthly or annual plan with unlimited data for non-stop speed & security on up to 5 devices.

Buy Now
  • Unlimited Data
  • Use on up to 5 Devices
  • Super Secure Encryption
  • Channel Bonding
  • Redundant Mode
  • Automatic Failover
  • Packet Loss & Error Correction
  • Servers Worldwide

Unlimited Data


Fast, reliable, and secure internet for your loved ones, at a special price! Stay in touch from anywhere, no restrictions.

Buy Now
  • Unlimited Data
  • Use by 5 users on up to 5 devices per user
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Super Secure Encryption
  • Channel Bonding
  • Redundant Mode
  • Automatic Failover
  • Packet Loss & Error Correction
  • Servers Worldwide

Unlimited Data


Lightning fast channel bonding and rock solid redundancy for all of the people and devices in your organization.

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  • Unlimited Data
  • Dedicated Server Option
  • All Standard Speedify Features
  • Centralized Account Management
  • Teams Management API
  • URL API for Mobile Apps
  • Command Line Libraries

Unlimited Possibilities

Enterprises, Mobile Operators & MVNOs

The Speedify SDK can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux software and runs in the background improving network performance for all the apps on the device.

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  • Solve your offloading issues
  • Leverage investment in Wi-Fi
  • Eliminate dead hotspots
  • Save LTE bandwidth
  • Seamless handoffs
  • Provide value added VPN
  • Access to network statistics