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Speedify LIVE: Streaming Virtual Concerts with Singer/Songwriter Laela Giovanna

November 18, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

How Streaming Virtual Concerts Can Help Your Singing Career

Having grown up playing instruments and singing from an earlier age, our guest Laela Giovanna is now trying her hand at livestreaming her concerts. She found that to be a good alternative during the pandemic that has limited so many artists’ work. She has started streaming both covers and original songs on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram live, and has even done some Zoom concerts. While her songs can also be found on Spotify, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms.

In the 31st episode of Speedify Live, Laela shares her experiences as a musician on- and offline, how she got into music, and her plans for the future once the world opens up again.

Here’s our 5 takeaways from our interview with Laela:

  1. You can be a successful online musician even with a simple setup: the built-in microphone and webcam of your Mac, maybe a USB microphone, such as Laela’s Apogee Mic; a guitar and some headphones, and of course a good internet connection. 
  2. Even if you start out as a shy, quiet kid, who’s nervous to perform, you can still develop into a confident singer-songwriter who not only does virtual concerts, but is also touring and performing live, while also producing their own songs – just like Laela! Her tour and EP are coming in 2022!
  3. If you’re looking to be a full time musician, starting online with virtual concerts can help you develop your musical and production skills, your confidence, and gain some valuable connections.
  4.  If you have a loud Italian family like Laela, or just a full house at all times, you can even set up your studio for recording and streaming in your SUV – which Speedify can help with, by improving your connection’s stability.
  5. Speedify Live has found its first hater! And they asked a very good question: why would a VPN be on streaming? The answer is simple: because Speedify is a channel bonding VPN that lets you combine all your available connections to improve your stream – whether it’s a live virtual concert, IRL streaming in Dracula’s castle, or just a zoom call. 
In the beginning I got more nervous for streams rather than my performances, when I was on stage and stuff. Ultimately it was very beneficial at connecting with people from different areas and it helped me build my platform.
Laela Giovanna
Join us for Live Discussion and Q&A with Laela Giovanna, singer, songwriter, and music producer, as we talk about music streaming and growing your audience online.

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November 18, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
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