Zero Configuration with No Extra Hardware

Getting fast and secure Internet: just install Speedify and forget about it

Aside the fact that there’s no extra hardware involved in getting you secured online, Speedify doesn’t need you to create special configuration files or VPN profiles on your computer or smartphone. You just need to install Speedify and run it – that’s true zero configuration networking for you!

Zero Configuration for Secure Channel Bonding from Speedify

Unlike other channel bonding solutions, Speedify is a software-only product. Companies like Cisco, Peplink, Mushroom Networks and Atheros may offer hardware boxes and routers that offer connection aggregation features, but these devices often cost thousands of dollars and are meant for businesses with on-site IT departments.

Speedify takes this powerful channel bonding technology and offers it as an affordable service that requires zero configuration for Mac & PC users, as well as for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. Install the Speedify VPN client software just like you would any other program, and our worldwide Speedify cloud servers do the rest: using the power of channel bonding and VPN to give you secure, fast and reliable Internet at the click-of-a-button.

Speedify in action

Speedify makes easy work of complex under-the-hood technology with simple set-it-and-forget controls that “just work.” Programs and services run as they normally would, but benefit from increased security as well as the speed and redundancy of multiple Internet connections.

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Speedify is available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

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