Dedicated VPN Servers

An add-on for Teams accounts, Dedicated VPN Servers provide speed, reliability, port forwarding, and static IP addresses. The dedicated servers are only available to you and your team and include 3TB of monthly bandwidth.

Why use a Dedicated VPN Server?


Higher Speeds

with 1 Gbps available to your team


Consistent IP Address

Ideal for those who need to whitelist their IP for certain secure services


Port Forwarding

For those who need to run a server that can be reached from the Internet


Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

For each hour that your system is down, you get a day of free service.

Where are Dedicated VPN Servers Located?

Team Administrators can purchase Dedicated Servers at any of our public server locations across 6 continents and 50+ cities.

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Dedicated VPN Server FAQs

Have additional questions? Contact our Sales team directly at: [email protected]

I have a Teams Account

Add a Dedicated Server
Login to your Teams Dashboard through Account Management and click "Add a Dedicated Server" from the Servers page.

I Need a Teams Account

Get a Teams Account
You need a Teams account to purchase a Dedicated Server. However, you are able to have a "team" with only a single member.
Need to Upgrade your Personal Account to a Teams Account?
Login to Account Management and click Upgrade!