Smart Internet Connection Usage Prioritization & Monitoring

Set custom priority rules for each of your Internet connections and monitor usage with Speedify

Speedify’s intelligent connection priority feature allows you to tailor your Internet connection usage rules per device, according to your carrier or ISP plans. This way, you won’t exceed your data caps while experiencing the fastest, most secure and reliable Internet connection at all times.

Speedify Saves Money and Gets Fast Internet Within Your Data Caps

Ever had the situation where your Wi-Fi connection was not working and you had to use mobile data traffic to be online? If this happens a lot (especially when traveling or on the go), then you have to be sure you will not go over your cell data quota each month.

With Speedify you can prioritize your connections the way you need them – you can set daily and monthly data caps in the app so that your metered connections (such as mobile data) will not go over your allotted quota.

Failover and Adapter Priorities for Smart Internet Connection Usage

For each Internet connection that Speedify detects, you can set a connection priority. This setting tells Speedify how it should use that particular network. Connection priorities are very helpful with expensive Internet connections that should only be used when absolutely necessary.

The available priorities that can be applied to any Internet connection are:

  • Always: Use this adapter all the time
  • Secondary: Use this adapter when you need a speed boost. Speedify uses ‘Always’ adapters first, but if they can’t keep up with you, the Secondary adapters kick in to speed you up. This setting is perfect for metered connections and 4G cards that do not have unlimited usage
  • Backup: Only use this adapter to keep you on the Internet if none of the Always or Secondary adapters are available
  • Never: Don’t use this adapter at all. If you select ‘Never’ the adapter disappears from the main screen. You can still find it in the Network Settings to change it to another value to get it back.

Usage Limit: When enabled, you can set a data limit for each connection and specify whether or not you want to reset data usage each month. This option is perfect if you have a data limit.

Real Time Monitoring of Internet Connection Usage, per Adapter

In its main app screen, Speedify shows you interesting stats about your Internet connection, one of which is how much Internet traffic you’ve used through each network adapter. For example, on smartphones this is very useful to get an idea of how much you’re using each month at what speeds and if you should change your mobile data plan.

Speedify in action

Speedify makes easy work of complex under-the-hood technology with simple set-it-and-forget controls that “just work.” Programs and services run as they normally would, but benefit from increased security as well as the speed and redundancy of multiple Internet connections.

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