How To Join Two Wi-Fi Networks at Once

Increase your bandwidth with 2 wireless connections

Setting up your Mac or PC to use two or more Wi-Fi connections at the same time is a very simple task. In fact, any computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10 or macOS 10.10+ can connect to any combination of available Internet connections. In most cases, setting up multiple Internet connections on your computer doesn’t even require any extra hardware. If you’re trying to connect multiple Internet connections for faster speeds, note that your various connections must come from different Internet sources. For example, Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks that are connected to the same router cannot be combined for increased bandwidth using channel bonding applications like Speedify, because they both share the same upstream network.

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Do you have 2 Wi-Fi connections available from different networks? Read below to see how to easily use them both simultaneously and keep your private information safe.

Step One: Connect to Your Primary Wi-Fi Network

Just connect your Mac or PC to Wi-Fi like you normally would using your computer’s internal Wi-Fi card.

Step Two: Connect to Your Secondary Wi-Fi Network

Since most computer’s today only come equipped with a single Wi-Fi card, you’ll need to purchase a low-cost USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to a secondary Wi-Fi network. Once you plug in the USB Wi-Fi adapter, you should be able to choose and connect to another wireless network from the connections pane on your PC. On a Mac this can be a little tricky, because OS X does not support external adapters natively. So you’ll have to install a third-party wireless manager. Once both adapters are connected to separate Wi-Fi networks, you’re ready to go!

Step Three: Combine Two Wi-Fi Networks with Speedify

Now that you have both Wi-Fi networks connected to your computer, you’ll need Speedify to actually use them simultaneously. Speedify is a fast VPN service for iOS, Android, Mac & PC that bonds all the Internet connections available to your computer or mobile device into a single fast and reliable super-connection. Moreover, it also keeps your private information safe and protects you from snooping ISPs, hackers, and other cyber threats.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify makes your internet secure, stable, and fast with the magic of Channel Bonding--but how?

  1. First, Speedify establishes a connection to one of our Speed Servers in the Cloud. This acts as a middleman between you and the rest of the internet, keeping your web activity private and secure.
  2. Next, the app works with the Speed Server to intelligently spread network packets among all your available internet connections.
  3. And presto! Speedify is able to provide the combined speed and stability of all your internet connections—unlike any other VPN on the market.

To get started with Speedify, simply download and install the software on your device. Once Speedify is running, you’ll see both Wi-Fi connections detected. That means you’re using both for their combined speed and reliability.

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