User Spotlight: Speedify Mobile Persistent Connectivity

The best apps and tech products are all about making life just a little bit easier. At Speedify, we work really hard to make sure our apps help people in their day to day lives, and are ultimately genuinely good products. That’s why it’s exciting to hear from long-time users who reach out to praise our latest updates. Today we’re featuring a message from Speedify Mobile user, Dakota, who has noticed a big difference after updating to version 3.4 which allows users to persistently stay connected around the clock.

As of Speedify Mobile 3.4 users now enjoy persistent connectivity

One of the best things about Speedify Mobile these days is that you can really just set it and forget it. Like Dakota mentioned in the email above, once you’ve got Speedify running on your iOS or Android phone, all of your apps enjoy fast, unbreakable connectivity around the clock.

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