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Increasingly, streaming video is becoming the leading form of online media that we consume on the Internet. Recent stats show that a whopping 70% of North American Internet traffic during peak hours comes from streaming video. Even still, millions of people around the world still suffer from slow and spotty video streaming on Vimeo. We’ve all dealt with it: you’re trying to watch a video on your smartphone or tablet, but slow and unreliable Wi-Fi or LTE coverage keeps interrupting your stream. Ultimately, you’re left staring at that annoying circular buffering icon instead of watching your Vimeo video. The issue is, Vimeo, just like every other streaming video platform, requires fast, stable connectivity in order to function properly for users when they’re on-the-go.

How Speedify Helps You Avoid the Buffering Stage:

You can avoid the issue of unreliable and interrupted Vimeo streaming altogether with Speedify running on your iOS or Android device. Just install the Speedify app on your smartphone or tablet, and then we take care of everything else by intelligently combining mobile data and Wi-Fi to give you fast, stable connectivity when you’re on-the-go. For Vimeo users and viewers, no matter where they are, Speedify Mobile offers the enhanced reliability and speed necessary to upload, watch and stream video content with way less interruptions.

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