Catch Us at Engadget Live

With the Speedify for Android & iOS Beta Waitlist in full swing (we just rounded 30,000 sign-ups this morning), I’ve been getting really psyched to let people actually see Speedify for Mobile before the beta goes live.

We’ve already posted little teasers here and there, showing Speedify on a variety of smartphones and tablets around the office. As our development team continues to make rapid progress kick ass and take names we’ve got more and more of Speedify Mobile to show with each passing day.

So, timing couldn’t have been better when the folks from Engadget reached out and asked if we’d like to be one of a handful of exhibitors showing off cutting-edge tech at Engadget Live Boston. Engadget Live is a multi-city event that gives readers the opportunity to, “meet some of [their] favorite Engadget editors in the flesh, and try out some hot new gadgets first-hand.”


I jumped at the opportunity to share Speedify for Android & iOS with die-hard Engadget readers whose early-adopter status makes them the perfect audience for getting a first-look at how Speedify can #makeyourphonebetter.

In any case, we’ll be rolling into Beantown bright-and-early on Friday, July 17th with Speedify in tow on all our devices. If you happen to be in the Boston area and want to swing by and check our upcoming apps out for yourself, RSVP for this free event by visiting the Engadget Live Eventbrite page. The rest of you can still get a front-row seat to the action. We’ll be live-tweeting the event using the official #EngadgetLive hashtag on the @getspeedify Twitter from 7-10p EDT. See you there!


PS. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, and thought this post was a little light on the kind of data that we love to obsess over here at Speedify, stay tuned… We’ll be breaking down all the relevant metrics about our latest tradeshow jaunt in a wrap-up post.

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