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UPDATE: Speedify for Mobile is Now Available!
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Last week, I took a close look at what really happens when the Wi-Fi goes bad on your iPhone. To recap, we setup a ping testing app on the iPhone and walked away from our office router until we reached a point well-beyond the range of the Wi-Fi signal. With a packet being sent out every second, we were able to see not only when the signal became weak and slow, but the precise moment when the iPhone lost Wi-Fi connectivity altogether (and took a whole 5 seconds to get itself connected to 4G LTE). In that time, your streaming apps, FaceTime or Google Hangout calls, and file transfers will hang or break completely.

Clearly, this isn’t how your mobile device should work.

To illustrate how Speedify for iOS & Android can make your phone just work better, I put together a sneak peek video showing Speedify running on my phone. As you can see in the video below, my phone is actually using 4G LTE and Wi-Fi at the same time. Thanks to Speedify, I’ve got a speed boost when I need it and unbreakable connectivity all the time. Now, when I step beyond the range of my home or office Wi-Fi, Speedify seamlessly moves my streaming content, file transfers, and web browsing onto LTE without skipping a beat.

We’ve got the core features of Speedify working on mobile and the user interface is really starting to shape up, too. While there’s still some ways to go before we can get the first Speedify beta into your hands, we’re stoked that we can show the app in action today. Now, it shouldn’t be very long before you can enjoy fast, unbreakable connectivity with Speedify Mobile.

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