Introducing Speedify 10.7

Cristian MiculiRelease Notes

Speedify 10.7.2 Is Now Available

Introducing the latest and greatest version of Speedify for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience, update Speedify on all of your devices right now!

Updated: Speedify 10.7.2 Improvements

  • Windows
    • Fixes slow speeds when used with Connectify Hotspot
    • Fixes WebView2 Runtime installation errors

Updated: Speedify 10.7.1 Improvements

  • All platforms
    • Improvements to detection of streams in Streaming Mode
    • Stability fixes
  • Windows
    • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive after reboot
    • Fixed blank icon in taskbar

New Features in Speedify 10.7

  • Premium Servers: Users with unlimited accounts now have access to additional servers in popular locations worldwide.
  • New Statistic - “Streamergency Saves”: Keep track of the number of times Speedify has intervened to prevent streaming emergencies.
  • Header Compression: By default, Speedify will now shrink the headers on data packets to reduce network overhead and data usage. This can lead to increased performance with online games, VoIP, and video conferencing.
  • UI Optimization: Under the hood we’ve further optimized our CPU utilization to increase performance and decrease power draw.

Speedify Works Even Better on the New Apple Silicon ARM Based MacBooks

Exciting news for Mac users: the new laptops featuring the ARM based M1 processor are out now. And we got some of ourselves. First thing we did is run tests with Speedify (which supports all devices running macOS, including the new ones).

TLDR: performance is even better. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - we'll update you soon with more on this.


Update Speedify!

For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience update Speedify on all of your devices right now!