Introducing Speedify 5.3

Speedify 5.3 is Now Available

Introducing Speedify 5.3, the latest and greatest version for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience update to Speedify 5.3 on all of your devices right now!

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New Features in Speedify 5.3

  • Dead Hotspot Protection: On iOS, macOS and Windows (Android support coming soon), the world’s most reliable VPN just took another big step forward: if you’re on a “dead” or “blackhole” Wi-Fi hotspot that stops your apps from reaching the internet, Speedify can use your cellular or other connections to reach the internet and connect anyways. You will never have to switch off your Wi-Fi again.
  • Performance Improvements: Speedify is even faster in a variety of situations. In our tests, it averages 4% faster, your exact improvement will depend on how and where you use the software.
  • Hardware Accelerated Encryption: In addition, on Android, macOS, and Windows, Speedify will automatically use any AES encryption hardware that is built into your device’s CPU. On newer devices (that have such hardware) it can be a noticeable speed up. For devices with hardware support, Speedify will use AES128-GCM instead of ChaCha encryption.
  • User Interface Improvements: Little fixes and improvements throughout the user interface.

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The no-log VPN built from the ground up for security, speed, and mobility.

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