Introducing Speedify 5.9

Scott Ackerman Release Notes

Speedify 5.9 is Now Available

Introducing Speedify 5.9, the latest and greatest version for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience update to Speedify 5.9 on all of your devices right now!

Speedify Quick Download Links: iOS | Android | Windows | macOS

New Features in Speedify 5.9

  • Built-In Speed Test: Try out our new integrated speed test, to measure latency, upload and download speeds over all of your connections independently, and then together over the bonded VPN.
  • Android Display Filter Support: The user interface now supports Android light filter apps.
  • Windows DNS Leak Protection: Speedify for Windows now protects you from DNS Leaks by default.
  • Windows Internet Killswitch: Speedify for Windows now has a full Internet Kill Switch to fully protect your privacy by disabling your Internet if Speedify fails to maintain a connection.
  • Cool Little Improvements: Bug fixes and performance improvements here and there.

Download The Latest Version of Speedify Today

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