Introducing Speedify, the Solution to Slow Internet

I’ve got a 4G hotspot, access to Wi-Fi, and a tethered LTE smartphone. With so much bandwidth available, why can’t I use all of my Internet connections all at once?

A little over a year ago, we asked ourselves that exact question. Now, we’re excited to introduce a new product that could change how you use your Internet connections altogether.

Meet Speedify 

Speedify lets you combine multiple WiFi, 3G, 4G, and wired connections for faster speeds and increased reliability. The Speedify app automatically connects your Mac or PC to our “Speed Servers” in the cloud, to intelligently spread upload and download traffic across all available networks. With Speedify, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the fastest and most reliable experience from your Internet connections.

The Road to Release 

In anticipation of this release, Speedify has been in beta, where with the help of our 3,000+ beta users, we worked tirelessly to fine-tune the software and roll out the global Speedify cloud. We simply wanted to make sure that our product could consistently deliver on speed boosts and seamless failover between your networks. In the end, the numbers speak for themselves.

In our test lab, we combined DSL and 4G LTE connections with Speedify, and used to see what kind of download efficiency we could expect with the two networks bonded together.

DSL Download LTE Download Bonded Download Efficiency
0.97 Mbps 4.81 Mbps 5.37 Mbps 93%
4.82 Mbps 4.81 Mbps 8.86 Mbps 92%
9.61 Mbps 19.21 Mbps 26.16 Mbps 91%

Our results show over 90% efficiency across-the-board. That means Speedify came pretty darn close to giving us the full download speed of our two Internet connections combined. While actual speeds can vary based on a variety of factors, we’re excited about how far this technology has come.

Now, with the commercial release of Speedify, it is our pleasure to invite you to join the ranks of users choosing faster and more reliable Internet with Speedify.

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