Speedify 2.0.1 is Here!

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We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Speedify 2.0.2, the latest client software for getting your Mac or PC connected to the Speedify cloud service. The latest release includes added features and improvements that make it even easier for you to enjoy fast and reliable Internet. Update now for better handling of some Internet connections, fixes for users with non-latin languages, in addition to all of the features and improvements introduced in the Speedify 2.0 release.

New in 2.0.1

  • MTU Fix: Resolved an issue in the MTU discovery that affected connections with MTUs slightly below 1500
  • Windows works better with mobile devices: Fixed an issue with connecting over some mobile devices
  • Better handling of non-latin character sets: Fixed a problem with the UI not loading when dealing with special characters
  • Fixed a bug where Speedify can get stuck not sending any traffic
  • Tweaks to make the automatic server selection more reliable

Speedify 2.0 Release Notes

  • Automatic MTU path discovery: Speedify now automatically discovers the largest packet size that can pass through each Internet connection. This is then used to set the MTU setting on the virtual Speedify Ethernet adapter so other programs are aware, and to determine which packets should go over which Internet connection, and when they need to be fragmented. The end result is that you don’t have to worry about any of this, Speedify works better with more Internet connections now.
  • Better handling of network changes: Improved handling of network devices appearing and disappearing. Most obviously improves behavior of Macs waking from sleep, but all OSes are helped.
  • Improved upload speeds:  Several users reported better download than upload speeds, which mystified us at first, as it’s the same code in either direction. After investigating, we realized that certain network cards were getting overloaded when trying to send too much traffic. By reducing buffering, and tracking the number of in-flight packets on each connection, these problems are now resolved.
  • Jitter Handling: Much better performance on links that have large jitter or vary in latency over time.
  • Retransmit Lost Packets: Losing even 1% of your TCP packets can drop your speeds by 80%. This is frequently a problem on long range wireless links. Speedify now detects these lost packets and re-sends them before TCP notices they’re gone. On lossy links this can be a huge performance increase.
  • Fast Failover: Failover to ‘Backup’ connections when your ‘Always’ connections are lost has been greatly improved.
  • Lower CPU Usage: The client spends less time calculating statistics on how it’s doing.
  • Color Scheme: The use of color in the user interface has been made consistent. Blue represents downloads, purple for uploads, green means good, and grey is inactive. Hopefully this is clear enough that we don’t need to explain.
  • Server Selection: Speedify does a much better job of avoiding servers that are busy.
  • Beta OS Support: Support for latest Apple OS X Yosemite (10.10) builds. We have only briefly tested with the new Windows 10 preview build, so we can’t promise that everything works correctly there just yet. Having said that, we’d be interested in hearing about your experience if you decide to try Speedify on Windows 10.

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