Introducing Speedify 2.1

Even Faster.

Speedify 2.1 has landed, and we couldn’t be more excited! Each day, more users are discovering how the Speedify cloud service can give you faster and more reliable connectivity using multiple Internet connections. This latest release includes improvements that enhance performance and memory usage, making it even easier for you to enjoy fast and reliable Internet. Update now to enjoy the best Speedify experience yet!

Speedify 2.1 Release Notes

  • New Getting Started Guide: Dynamic tutorial gets you started with Speedify (PC only)
  • Improved Memory Usage: Reduce memory usage of Speedify background service
  • Speed Test Enhancement: Improve the accuracy of speed tests, especially on fast connections
  • Better Handling of Jittery/Lossy Connections: Improve performance on Internet connections that have both jitter and loss (like busy Wi-Fi networks)
  • New Speedify Knowledge Base:  Learn More links are available in various parts of the application, taking you to helpful articles in our brand new Knowledge Base
  • Advanced View Improved: Color picker and IP address are there in table of connections, and fonts are more consistent with rest of application
  • Improved MTU discovery on OS X: For some Mac users, this will result in a large speed improvement
  • Performance Enhancements: Improved performance on networks that drop “do not fragment” UDP (that is, the WiFi on an Acela train)
  • Bux Fixes: Fix rare crash bug on wake in OS X

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