Speedify 2.2 is Here

Better, Faster, and More Reliable

Speedify 2.2 has arrived with powerful improvements for existing users and some exciting news for new users, too. As of this release, new users can sign up for a free trial (without credit card) and try Speedify before upgrading their plan. With the new trial offer, we’re hoping that more and more folks will discover the power of combining Internet connections with Speedify. Behind the scenes, we’ve spun up a whole new set of Speed Servers around the world for free trial users, so our current paid users don’t have to worry about any increased load on their premium servers.

The new Speedify release also includes some major enhancements under-the-hood. We want to thank all of the users around the world that submitted feedback in recent weeks, helping us improve Speedify by leaps and bounds.

Speedify 2.2 Release Notes

  • Speedify trials no longer require a credit card. Trial users are on a limited set of servers so they will not affect performance of paying customers
  • Speedify now displays the monthly usage right on the menu (for users without unlimited data plans only)
  • New System Notifications alert users when connectivity is lost on one or more Internet connections or when new networks are detected
  • Speedify’s packet headers have shrunk, leading to a 4% speedup in all cases
  • Algorithm performance tuning, especially around connections with variable latency
  • Progress on conflict with Inkscape which caused Speedify to ask users to save SVG files. ‘Save As’ dialogs no longer appear, but images do not render correctly.
  • Can connect even if the default Internet connection isn’t working, as long as there is another working Internet connection on system.

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