Introducing Speedify Desktop 3.2

Introducing Speedify Desktop 3.2, the latest and greatest version of our channel bonding service for OS X and PC. This version includes a major overhaul to both the client software while also making key improvements to the Speedify server infrastructure. Enjoy user interface improvements as well as changes under-the-hood that make Speedify even faster and more reliable. Update to Speedify Desktop 3.2 right now and see how much better your Internet can get!

Speedify Desktop 3.2 Release Notes

  • Faster Speeds: Speedify now uses much less CPU which means that maximum speeds are much higher (often in the 70-90 Mbps range, depending on your Internet connections and distance to Speed Server).
  • Better Server Selection: Speedify now asks the operating system for the user location, giving a faster and more accurate result than using IP addresses.  Your operating system may ask you whether to allow Speedify to see your location, say yes, and you will get faster connect times.  This location information is not sent back to us. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • User Interface Improvements: Many fixes and improvements throughout the user interface.  Most notably, the user interface is now completely resizable.  The OS X menu bar has been rearranged for clarity.  Adapters that are no longer connected can be completely removed from the Adapters setting screen (useful if you once used a device, but no longer have it).
  • New Data Limits on Adapters: The feature formerly known as “Usage Limits” is now “Data Limits”.  Adapters can now be given both daily and monthly Data Limits. This is very useful to stop you from accidentally using a whole month’s worth of data in just a day or two.  All Data Limits now notify you when you hit the 75% level, and offers raising the limit if you don’t want to get cut off at the limit.   
  • User Management: You can now create accounts, reset your password, and change passwords from right in the app.