How To Stream March Madness 2016

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March Madness means buzzer beaters, busted brackets, and Cinderella stories. The only downside is that most last-second shots and Cinderella upsets happen over the first two days of the tournament when sports fans are grinding their days away at work. Thankfully, CBS Sports allows cable subscribers to live stream tournament games over their smartphones and connected devices. Unfortunately, slow office Wi-Fi could put a damper on your viewing activities, or worse – if you plan to use LTE, data overages could break the bank.

Basketball junkies all over the country rest easy: Speedify is here to help.

With Speedify’s channel bonding technology, users get the speed and reliability of all available Internet connections on either their desktop or mobile device for smooth streaming. If the Wi-Fi becomes slow and unreliable, Speedify keeps users in the game by intelligently moving the video stream to the secondary Internet connection until both networks become available again.

While uninterrupted streaming is key to keeping up with your brackets—we know you’re even more concerned about exceeding your monthly data plan and paying exorbitant overage fees.

With Speedify running on your iOS or Android device, you can rest assured that you never go over your carrier’s data cap. While lots of folks use Speedify for faster speeds, one of Speedify’s coolest features is that it’s cost aware. With just a few clicks you can prioritize your networks based on cost, carrier data limits, and other factors. Not only does Speedify tell you how much cellular data you’ve used each month, but it can actually automatically prevent you from going over your carrier’s data cap. So, what are you waiting for? Slam dunk your March Madness streaming with Speedify.

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