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Speedify – The VPN for Mobility

As we explained in a previous post, a VPN is software that encrypts everything you do online. A VPN for mobility, surprisingly is NOT a VPN running on a mobile phone.

In the now classic book Mobile VPN they say the key is “uninterrupted connectivity or the ability to stay connected and communicate to a possibly remote data network while changing the network access medium or points of attachment”.

So, a VPN for Mobility is a VPN which lets you change from one internet connection to another while maintaining the same session and not interrupting all of your apps. This means you can switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular without having your streaming music stop.

Many companies have gotten the older, conventional desktop VPN software (OpenVPN, IKEv2 or IPSec) to work on phones. But these protocols aren’t made for mobile users.

As an example, we took an iPhone 7 and tried both Speedify and installed each of the 10 most popular other popular VPN apps from the App Store.  Then we decided to test how well they handle it when the Wi-Fi stops working.

The Test

  1. We joined a Wi-Fi hotspot,
  2. Connected the VPN,
  3. Ran a Speedtest.net speed test, and
  4. Pulled the Ethernet cable from the Wi-Fi router while the test was still going on.

This is a simple test, to see how where ideally the VPN would just switch to cellular data, or at least disconnect and reconnect on mobile data after a few moments pause.

There are two possible results for this test, that are summarized in the “Maintain Connections” column:

  1. Yes – Means it switched from WiFi to cellular without needing to change IP addresses or stop a Speed Test in progress (Best!)
  2. No – Indicates that the VPN stopped working when the WiFi failed, and never recovered, without the user either quitting the Wi-Fi or going back into the VPN app to disconnect and reconnect (Bad)

If we know what protocol the VPN uses, we added it to the Protocol column, as well.

The Results

VPN Top 10 App Store Maintain Connection Comments Protocols
Speedify Yes Yanked the ethernet to the router so it was on a “dead hotspot” in the middle of the Speedtest and Speedify recovered almost immediately and successfully finished the speed test. See here a recent video of how it works in the context of live streaming. VPN for Mobility
VPN Go – Yan Zhang No Turning Wi-Fi off Killed the VPN IKEv2
X-VPN – TBU CO., Limited No Turning Wi-Fi off Killed the VPN
Free vpn proxy – Betternet No Manually Killing Wi-Fi allowed persistent connection, speeds decreased to <1MB IKEv2
HotSpot Shield – AnchorFree Inc No Turning Wi-Fi off killed the VPN, it did reconnect IPSec
Free VPN Proxy Master – ALL Connected Co,. Ltd No Turning Wi-Fi off killed the VPN, it did reconnect IKEv2
Free VPN Hexatech – Betternet No Dead Hotspot killed the VPN. VPN was stuck in the connecting state unable to access internet and showed no Wi-Fi icon. Had to disconnect to get internet back
Security VPN – Yang Shi No Dead Hotspot killed the VPN. VPN was stuck in the connecting state unable to access internet and showed no Wi-Fi icon. Had to disconnect to get internet back
Free VPN Unlimited – Free VPN LLC No Did not notice Wi-Fi had been killed, had to manually disconnect to get internet back
Opera Free VPN – Opera Software No Killing Wi-Fi the VPN quickly reconnected IPSec
SurfEasy No Turning Wi-Fi off Killed the VPN IPSec

That’s the power of the VPN for Mobility. All the conventional VPNs just stop working when they hit a bad Wi-Fi hotspot, and take you off the Internet.  This might be tolerable on a desktop computer, but it’s certainly not acceptable for someone walking around with a mobile phone, roaming from a hotspot to another.

Only Speedify is a true next generation VPN for Mobility that can keep you online even when your Wi-Fi stops working.

Next, we’ll look at VPN speeds and see some other ways that Speedify is different than the conventional VPNs.

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