How to Get Fanduel and MLB, Apple Pie and Baseball, With Easy Steps!

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It’s Crucial to have a Stable Internet Connection When Watching Livestreams We are greatly anticipating this return of America’s favorite pastime this spring after last season’s demise. Everyone has high expectations of more and more attendees as the season progresses, let’s keep that faith! As well, you have your wagers ready to go for another season of sports gambling. You … Read More

What to Do When March Madness Bracket App Isn’t Working With Easy Steps

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The NCAA March Madness Live App Doesn’t Have to Crash on You! Talk of the town right now, with Selection Sunday looming closer and our first Tournament Challenge since last years was cancelled. All things looking good here, you have the old gang together again for the challenge of the year. Who will take this year’s nets and clip them … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Chess on Twitch Successfully

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Chess Is Now an Online Game Traditionally, chess has been played face to face. Outside of the actual game, there’s a little bit of non-verbal “game” between the opponents as well. Many friendships have been established like that. But now and other similar platforms rule the online chess space. And it’s not only playing, but also live streaming your … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Run Successful Drag Shows Online

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Live Drag Show Entertainment Venues Have Gone Online The Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on the events industry are indisputable. The venues where people used to gather to have fun are now waiting for better times. In the meantime, most of the entertainment has gone online, and this also includes drag shows. We recently sat down and discussed with George Nichlos a.k.a. … Read More

Get the Best Internet for the FanDuel March Madness

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Avoid Connection Issues and Win the Game this March Madness Fantasy Sports apps like FanDuel are more popular than ever as “off track” betting is now the new norm. It seems like everyone is getting into FanDuel hoping to make a bundle wagering on their favorite sporting events. Now that March Madness is upon us after a year off, look … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Beer Tasting – Road to Success

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From Engineering to Beer Tasting – Doug Piper, Founder and Host, Gourmet Brewing Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve all seen Speedify being used successfully by remote workers, for distance learning and for broadcasting events. And speaking of events – remember those beer tasting classes / contests?  We had one of our own here at Speedify as a teambuilding activity, … Read More