The Speedify SDK Gives Mobile Operators and MVNOs a Huge Competitive Advantage

Speedify Changes the Way Your Customers Experience Mobile Internet

Successful Wi-Fi offloading is critical to succeeding as an MVNO. There are significant savings if you can move users’ data off of LTE and on to Wi-Fi, without affecting the overall experience. Meet Speedify, the link aggregation solution you have been looking for!

The Speedify SDK can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS software and runs in the background improving network performance for all the apps on the device. The Speedify SDK is cost aware and uses policy based routing that can be configured for increased speed or reduced cellular usage. Optional VPN encryption means that Speedify can also keep users secure across public Wi-Fi networks.

Failover Diagram

Speedify helps MVNOs Improve Wi-Fi Offloading

Right now most MVNOs are experiencing an exponential growth in mobile broadband usage. Poor Wi-Fi offloading is costing telecoms millions of dollars and “dead hotspots” are ruining the customer free Wi-Fi experience.

Imagine if you could solve your Wi-Fi offloading needs without an expensive investment in infrastructure or software development. You could provide your customers with the best mobile internet experience anywhere. Your customer base and customer loyalty would skyrocket.

You can now use the Speedify link aggregation engine for your application. It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. You can use the Speedify servers or host it yourself. We even provide sample a application with the source code to allow you to get to market quickly.

With the Speedify SDK integrated into your application, you’ll improve QoE for your customers and save by offloading to Wi-Fi.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify adds a layer of software between your existing networking stack and the end user’s applications. Speedify’s proprietary link aggregation solution makes numerous sockets across all available Internet connections transferring data in parallel across all of them for increased speed and reliability.

Speedify’s secure link aggregation solution was designed from the ground up for speed and mobility. Speedify delivers:

The Speedify engine is faster and more secure than any other VPN or link aggregation option. Speedify uses:

  • Channel bonding
  • Dead hotspot protection
  • Near-zero battery impact
  • Seamless failover
  • Cost awareness
  • The Fastest encryption for mobile (ChaCha)
  • DTLS Encryption (per connection)
  • Three different modes: Speed, Reliability, and Redundancy
  • Policy Based Routing: Cheaper Wi-Fi can be prioritized over expensive cellular
  • Detailed network statistics
  • Dual stack IPv4 & IPv6

It’s Time For You to Seize the Initiative

You can gain a huge market advantage over your competitors by using the Speedify SDK. You will improve the user experience and save substantial money on development costs and customer LTE data usage.

Partnering with Speedify allows you to:

  • Solve your offloading issues
  • Leverage investment in Wi-Fi
  • Eliminate dead hotspots
  • Save LTE bandwidth
  • Seamless handoffs
  • Provide value added VPN
  • Access to network statistics