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Speedify LIVE: How Chef Rob Serves up a Delicious Cooking Livestream

December 21, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

How Reporters Use Live Streaming Technology

In the 39th episode of Speedify Live, our guest is Chef Rob, professional cook, popular Twitch streamer and owner of the Golden Maple Tree Inn. The bed and breakfast was originally built in 1806, has gone through three major adjustments, and has served as many things from a boys’ school to a doctor’s surgery to today’s B&B.

Rob joins us to share his experiences cooking live on Twitch, gives us some ideas for alternative holiday meals, and teaches us an easy-to-follow lasagna recipe everyone can make at home.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our special cooking stream with Chef Rob:

  1. Rob uses Streamlabs desktop for live streaming due to its high customizability, and has three cameras set up: one in the front, and two C920 cameras - one above the chopping board and one above the stove so he could show all angles of his cooking.
  2. Chef Rob’s goal on his streams is to make meals that anyone can cook for their families. This time he shows us how to make lasagna roll-ups, Caesar salad with garlic bread, and tiramisu.
  3. The ChefRobCreations channel became a Twitch Affiliate after about 3 months of streaming, is part of two stream teams, has multiple sponsors Rob actually uses the products of as much as he can, and does a lot of charity streams: the most successful so far being for Starlight Children’s Foundation for which Rob has raised more than $5,000.
  4. Rob has set a couple goals for the futures of both the Inn and his Twitch streams: he wants to create a commercial kitchen for events, and wants to build his numbers up enough to become Twitch Partner. Check out his streams and help him achieve his goals!
  5. Thanks to his stable, hard-wired internet at the B&B, Chef Rob has not faced a Streamergency when it comes to his internet connection so far. But he has had trouble with one of his cameras dying in a recent stream, which made things a lot more stressful than they should have been. Thankfully he had two other cameras still working so he could carry on with the cooking on stream.
I didn't have in-stream Internet issues so far. But at one point I had 9 technicians trying to solve my Internet problems on the other part of the house; then a 20-years old kid came and figured it out.
Chef Rob
With just some basic cookware and a stable internet connection, Chef Rob hosts weekly charity livestreams to spread joy and share his culinary skills. Join us live as we talk to Chef Rob of ChefRobCreations!

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December 21, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST