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Speedify LIVE: iPhone IRL Streaming Setup & New Studio Tour

January 13, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

How the Speedify Live Weekly Show about Everything Livestreaming Is Made

On the 44th episode of Speedify Live we finally tour our new Speedify offices and fully updated studio space complete with a standing desk, brand new LED background lights and a brand new Mac Mini to run our livestreams off of.

While we tour the office space we talk about our IRL stream setup, our new studio setup, and everything Speedify.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our studio tour:

  1. In our brand new studio we use the following setup: a Mac Mini, a USB-connected Blue Yeti microphone, and an iPhone 12 Pro as our camera, running Camo, which allows you to turn the phone into a webcam, and use all the iPhone’s camera features through the Mac. We also use Gowee H6076 LED floor lamps for effect, and Neewer 18” overhead lights for the main lighting. 
  2. Whenever we’re doing IRL streams we use our proven setup: an iPhone 12 Pro in Speedify, stabilized on a DJI Osmo gimbal, hooked up with two Rode Wireless microphones. The stream itself usually goes through Larix Broadcaster, as well as Restream Studio via RTMP link to all the livestreaming platforms. 
  3. The Speedify app has a livestream test feature which will tell you what resolution you can get for your livestreams, so make sure you run it before you start streaming and avoid any quality issues! 
  4. After experiencing some echo issues in previous streams, we have a (temporary) solution by hanging a blanket behind our monitor, but we also put down some carpet to help, and are planning on adding foam panels to the walls.
  5. Speedify has a sense of cost awareness as it recognizes your connection type and assigns priority accordingly. The more expensive ones like cellular are Seconday by default, so they’re only used when they can provide a useful boost, while Wi-Fi and Ethernet are generally less expensive so they’re assigned as Primary and are used all the time.
Speedify knows everything about the quality your internet connection, so the second it drops some packets, Speedify detects and resends those packets so they get through.
Alex Gizis
Join us LIVE as we go behind the scenes in the new Speedify LIVE studio to show you how to set up our IRL iPhone-based streaming rig.

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January 13, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST