Increasing Santa’s North Pole Workshop Productivity the Smart Way

How Santa and the Head Elf Communicate Efficiently

You might think Santa's Workshop at the North Pole is a quaint place where elves work from 9 to 5 all year round to get the gifts for all children ready. And you'd be partially right.

The main difference is that nowadays, with the world population increasing, the Workshop has to be more efficient. Santa is checking in daily with the main board members: the CEE (Chief Executive Elf), CTE (Chief Technology Elf) and CLE (Chief Logistics Elf), making sure the production is going according to the plan and there are no issues.

Luckily, there usually are no issues when it comes to gifts... which unfortunately is not something we can say about the video conferences between Santa and the Elves. Streamergencies are something usual, as with all of us in this next normal. So how come everything is running smoothly despite all of this?

Speedify Helps Santa Avoid Streamergencies when Speaking to the Elves

Santa's Workshop has been hiring constantly in the last decades. And as with any organization, be it a corporation, a small business or a non-profit, effective communication between team members is key. And with the modern means of communication - video conferencing on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. - this has been a lot easier.

However, Internet connectivity at the North Pole and wherever Santa is working remotely from during the year is not always up for this. As you saw in the video above, there are moments when the video gets choppy, quality is lower and eventually calls can even drop. That is what a streamergency is all about.

Speedify addresses that as a fast bonding VPN. It helps Team Santa fix and avoid streaming issues by allowing them to use all your available Internet connections at once. If a connection gets weaker, Speedify seamlessly transfers more traffic through the other connections, so you get the best quality streaming videos no matter the conditions.

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