How To Set Up Church Live Streaming Equipment

How Live Streaming Improved How We Communicate

We have all been there now, live streaming is something we have either been the Host for or, definitely, we have been guests at the many events held this year. Internet is what is keeping us connected and how well we are connected, depends on our Internet connections. This is whether we are in the US, Europe, Canada or anywhere else in the world. So allow us to talk a bit about how to keep your next Church Livestream from experiencing a Streamergency during that important event.

More and more people have turned to the internet for their work, school and social interactions without exception to our Churches as well. 

Remember when YouTube had to reduce video quality YouTube reducing video quality so their streams would be less choppy? Churches are live streaming not just weekly masses, but funerals, weddings, baptisms and bible study to keep people on track with their daily lives. 

We have all adjusted to these times in many ways, but there is something else you can do to make sure your live streams from Church have a steady stream. So–how can you easily live stream online without running into stuttering, buffering, or even internet disconnects? That’s something you can read about below.

Live Streaming Requires Fast and Stable Internet Connection

You might have the best of the best when it comes to audio / video equipment for streaming. And the software to go with that–multiple cameras, effects, etc. Congratulations–you’ll be able to create great videos to be distributed on DVDs, Blu-ray discs or other offline media. Oh, you want to live stream online? Well, there’s a key element missing from your streaming setup.

The thing you need most is a reliable and fast Internet connection. Whether you’re using a tripod with a GoPro or a smartphone mounted on it, or a professional video system with several cameras–the quality of the live stream all boils down to the quality of your Internet connectivity.

So–assuming you’ve got the equipment–how do you get the Internet to go with that?

Always Have a Backup Internet Connection

As most of us know, having an Internet connection does not mean we always have trouble-free access to the Internet. Disruptive things can happen:

  • Your ISP may have issues with their infrastructure
  • There might be an issue with your local equipment–modem / router
  • The overall Internet speed might be lower because of increased traffic from all the people staying at home

One solution that comes naturally to mind is having a backup connection. Which is better than nothing. But think about this: what if the issues happen during a live streaming session? How long does it take for your camera / phone / computer to switch from one connection to the other? How will that affect your transmission? Will you get dropped from the streaming servers for inactivity?

There’s a simple answer to all of this: using all the connections (at least two) simultaneously! That is called channel bonding and it’s something that the Speedify app for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux can do.

Speedify Can Improve Your Church Live Streaming Quality

An essential element in any live streaming setup, Speedify fast bonding VPN acts like a power-up for the device you’re using to live stream the event. Instead of only using a single Internet connection at a time, Speedify allows your device to use multiple connections simultaneously. You’ll get more bandwidth and more stable live streams.

That means that if you’re using a smartphone, you can combine the existing WiFi with your cellular connection. And if you’re using a computer or a live streaming camera linked through a computer, you can toss in all available connections: Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, cellular, etc.

Speedify constantly monitors the quality of your Internet connections. If the Wi-Fi becomes unreliable, for example, it’ll automatically reroute data through other working connections until Wi-Fi is available again.

We added a brand new Streaming Mode. It automatically identifies audio and video streams, and provides quality of service (QoS) by prioritizing streams over other traffic. Web browsing and software updates can’t ruin your calls and live streams.

But don’t just take our word for it, try Speedify as part of your streaming setup for FREE for a problem-free Church live streaming service.

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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