Fix Fortnite Latency and Packet Loss Using Speedify

Speedify, the Fix for Fortnite Latency and Packet Loss

Over the last year, we have received dozens of Support tickets from our users desperately searching for a solution to their Fortnite latency and packet loss problems. The good news? Speedify can reduce packet loss and lower ping rates for Fortnite players. The bad news? Fortnite currently bans VPNs.

Why Does Fortnite Ban VPNs?

Epic Games has set up certain IP bans to protect its servers from spammers and brute force attacks. Because VPNs can be used to avoid IP bans, Epic Games forbids players from using them. Unfortunately, this means that honest users looking for a Fortnite latency and packet loss fix are out of luck.

What Happens if You Try to Use a VPN with Fortnite?

Many Reddit users proudly proclaim that they have been able to use a VPN while playing Fortnite, but for every success story, there is another user–or ten–who ended up with a locked account.

Fortnite includes a number of built-in anti-cheating mechanisms. A common in-game message reads, “You were removed from the match due to internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or for cheating. We recommend not utilizing VPN or proxy services while attempting to play Fortnite.” Therefore, gamers are reluctant to risk using a VPN–even if a solution like Speedify could fix their connectivity issues.

The Problem: Why Is Fortnite Lagging?

Unfortunately, what the creators of Fortnite don’t understand is that fast, reliable Internet is not as common as we think. Even in parts of the United States, players suffer from slow Internet, significant packet loss, and high ping rates. This makes playing online games like Fortnite a nightmare.

How do we know this? Our own users are telling us! Our Support inbox is full of tickets inquiring about Speedify’s ability to fix Fortnite lag and packet loss.

Speedify Users Suffer from Fortnite Latency and Packet Loss

The most touching story came from a mother who was trying to help her son realize his dream of being a professional Fortnite player. She reached out to us, desperate to find a solution for their laggy, middle-of-nowhere Internet.

Her case isn’t isolated. A pro gamer contacted our Support team, enthusiastic about using Speedify to reduce his 15% packet loss. But he was worried about being banned for violating the “no VPN” rule. For every person who contacts us, there are probably thousands who struggle with their Fortnite connectivity problems in silence.

Speedify’s Potential to Fix Fortnite Latency and Packet Loss

Thanks to its Channel Bonding technology, Speedify fixes problems like latency and packet loss by allowing users to combine multiple Internet connections at once. Speedify’s proprietary link aggregation implementation is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is able to simultaneously use every Internet connection on your phone or computer. As a result, data can be divided between the connections on a packet-by-packet basis, allowing Fortnite to run more smoothly–with higher bandwidth, lower latency, and better connection reliability. Unfortunately, in order for the magic of Channel Bonding to work, we need to use VPN technology.

We understand why Epic Games bans VPNs as a rule. However, Speedify is much more than a VPN: it will improve gameplay for all their users.

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