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If you have multiple Internet connections, and you’re looking for ways to combine them to increase speed and reliability, you can choose between load balancing or channel bonding software. A load balancer runs locally on your PC and spreads sockets amongst multiple Internet connections to increase overall performance. The big caveat here though is that applications need multiple sockets to see big improvements, as no individual socket can be sped up beyond your fastest available Internet connection.

General web browsing and BitTorrent utilize lots of sockets, so a load balancer works fine in these cases. But, load balancers can’t speed up a streaming video, VPN, or single large file upload/download as each of these activities happen over a single socket.

Speedify is a channel bonding service

Channel bonding makes it possible to go one level deeper than a load balancer and spread packets amongst multiple Internet connections. This means that Speedify can speed up everything you do online.

Once connected to one of our Speed Servers in the cloud, Speedify intelligently divides all your web traffic amongst available Internet connections in order to maximize performance. By splitting traffic at the packet-level even large single socket transfers such as VPNs, streaming movies, and uploading and downloading files can be given a major speed boost!

Speedify also has robust failover capabilities, so even if you unplug one of your Internet connections during an important upload or download your transfer will keep on transferring!

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