How to Combine Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G, or LTE on your Computer

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Have you ever struggled with slow Internet on your Mac or PC while at a coffee shop, hotel, or even at home? Trust us, you’re not alone.

When your Wi-Fi simply isn’t fast enough for streaming movies, video calling, or gaming what do you do? How do you get faster Internet with the resources that you have at hand? You need to find another Internet connection, and you need to try Speedify!

First things first, here are some ways you can find another Internet connection:

  1. Tether your smart phone – Chances are you’re mobile phone is sitting in your pocket and has a cellular data plan associated with it. Simply connect your phone to your computer via USB and set your devices Personal/Portable Hotspot to tether its Internet connection. Here are quick and easy guides for iPhones and Android devices from our friends at HowToGeek.
  2. Connect to a mobile 3G/LTE modem, or USB adapter – Have access to a MiFi Device or Portable 3G/4G dongle? Connect it to your computer via its USB or ethernet cable.
  3. Join a second Wi-Fi network – Is there another Wi-Fi connection in range of your computer? With a second Wi-Fi card connected to your PC (USB versions are inexpensive and readily available online) you can connect to it too! See our guide here.

Now that you’ve got your two (or more) Internet connections simply download Speedify to get started. After installing the software, start it up and Speedify will automatically start to combine your active connections. If tethering, you can even enable data limits on your mobile connection to prevent any potential overage fees from your mobile carrier.

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