We’re Raising the Bar on Cellular Bonding

Introducing Pair & Share

After nearly a year of development, we're excited to introduce you to our most ambitions new feature to date, meet Pair & Share.

With Pair and Share, you can easily share cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users on the same local network. Pair up with friends, family, and coworkers for better internet on the road, at conferences and concerts, or while livestreaming. It's a professional grade cellular bonding solution that fits in your pocket!

How Pair & Share Works

Pair & Share works almost like a turbocharged personal hotspot, but instead of just one device sharing its connection with another, once paired, both devices can share and receive each other’s connections simultaneously. The more devices you pair with, the more connections you’ll have access to!

Traffic between devices is fully encrypted, and you always maintain full control over which devices can do what - set permissions, limits, or unpair from other devices at any time.

For more details, check out our knowledge base article series on Pair & Share.

When to Use Pair & Share

Pair & Share enables unprecedented connectivity and collaboration even in remote areas or across demanding applications

  • IRL Streaming: Pair up the cellular connections from multiple mobile devices into a bonded super-connection capable of livestreaming wherever and whenever.
  • Commuting of Travel: Pair up with a coworker or family member to overcome spotty Wi-Fi while traveling or commuting.
  • Trade Shows & Conferences:  The perfect tool for cobbling together a reliable Internet connection in crowded or overly-saturated convention halls.
  • Wireless Tether: You can set your laptop or tablet to wirelessly fail over to your phone's cellular network if the main internet connection goes out.


What are you waiting for? Grab your crew and create a super-connection with Pair & Share!


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