Pair & Share Your Internet Connectivity

Introducing the New Speedify with Pair & Share

Speedify is the only app that lets you combine any number of Internet connections for better performance. And now it’s even better: it empowers all users to get better Internet connectivity anywhere by using the power of the community. The new feature, called Pair & Share, allows users to easily share Cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users on the same local network. It’s available on all devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and even Linux).

No more wires, no more hassles with incompatibility between devices - it’s all happening within the Speedify app right on your computer and mobile device. Let’s see how this works under the hood and how it dramatically can improve your life.

Where You Would Use Speedify with Pair & Share

Pair & Share is great in any situation where you’re with your groupies and need more reliable Internet. Here are just a few examples.

Better Connectivity on Stadiums

You probably experienced this - stepping into a large stadium for a sporting event and your Internet becomes sluggish at best, if not usable at all. 

But when you aggregate at least 2 cellular connections in your “network”, preferably from different providers, you’ll each be able to use the Internet normally, even if not everybody at the same time.

Enhanced Internet at Concerts

Concerts, whether outside or in a larger hall, are another type of events that make it hard to use the Internet. Just go with your significant other and/or friends and have them run Speedify on their smartphones. You’ll all be able to post freely on social, plus send photos and videos to others while there… We do recommend enjoying the concerts for yourself before focusing on sending videos to others right then.

Live Streaming from Poor Coverage Areas

You may be on the road, in a remote location or in a crowded area where the cellular coverage / Internet speed is poor. Wi-Fi may not be a viable option either, even with Speedify combining the two. But if you’re with your groupies, just Pair & Share and you’re all set. The combined bandwidth of all your cellular connections can make the difference between no stream, and at least a 720p HD stream.

Traveling / Working Remotely on the Go

Taking a train or a bus ride with your coworkers? We all know these vehicles are not the best when it comes to onboard Wi-Fi Internet - after all, they also rely on cellular Internet. So, nobody from your group may be able to work… unless you team up and Pair & Share your cellular connections. Speedify will be able to use all those resources to get all of you a faster, more reliable connection so you can get your work done until you reach your destination.

Automatic Cellular Data Failover

Instead of tethering your mobile device to your computer with a cable, you can share its cellular connection via Speedify Pair & Share without turning on the mobile Personal Hotspot. This secures your traffic and minimizes the chances of somebody else using your mobile hotspot for fraudulent purposes.

How Speedify’s Pair & Share Works

Speedify uses a technology called channel bonding and intelligently spreads your traffic between connections. It can seamlessly failover if one of them disappears in the middle of a video call or a livestream. Speedify does many things to optimize the performance of your Internet connectivity, including prioritizing streaming traffic and enabling redundancy on-the-fly.

On top of that, at its core, Speedify is also a VPN, which means it encrypts all of your web traffic to improve privacy and security. 

And now - that’s all getting even better, with Pair & Share. As mentioned above, this new functionality allows you to share cellular connections back and forth with multiple Speedify users as long as you’re connected to the same local network - over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

Pair & Share works like a turbocharged personal hotspot, but instead of just one device sharing its connection with another, once paired, both devices can share and receive each other’s connections simultaneously. But it doesn’t only work for two devices - the more you pair with, the more connections you’ll have access to.

And don’t worry about security - traffic between devices is fully encrypted (Speedify is a VPN, remember?) and you always maintain full control over which devices can do what. You can also set permissions, limits or unpair from other devices at any time.

Tutorial: How to Pair & Share Your Internet Connection with Speedify

It’s as easy as pairing your smart TV with your smartphone. Assuming you enabled Pair & Share from the Speedify app, you’ll see a list of available Speedify users on the network (Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet) you’re connected to. 

All you have to do is “Pair” with one or more devices. At this point, you’ll be able to take advantage of the shared cellular connections from your paired devices. If you want to share your own cellular connection, you can choose to do so.

All the settings in the pairing process, as well as the ones when sharing your cellular Internet connection or using somebody else’s cellular connection, can be controlled by you and the others in the Pair & Share settings page in the Speedify app. 

Once working, Speedify will be able to use the shared cellular connections just like they were built into your device. You will be able to set priorities for them, limits, etc.

This knowledge base article explains the Pair & Share settings.

Is Pair & Share Secure?

Pair & Share is built with security in mind. Only the people you trust will be able to pair & share their Internet connections with you.

  • You only pair with devices after you give permission. You can stop sharing at any time
  • All traffic between the devices on the local network is encrypted
  • All your internet traffic is encrypted on your device, so that only the Speed Server can decrypt it. This means that even if you're sending your web browsing and email through someone else's phone's Cellular, there is no way for that person to read or change any of your data
  • We do not upload, who you paired or shared with, what sites you visited, or the name of your device to our servers, or any third party.   

Ready for (Even) Better Internet?

Make sure your have the latest version of Speedify installed and start pairing & sharing with your friends and family for better speeds, reliability and security.

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