Fix Cord Cutter Streaming Issues Easily and Get Stable Internet

Watch the Best Live TV Streaming Services for Cord Cutters without Buffering or Disconnects

Cord cutters have been around for some time now, and they are growing in number and market share. Thanks to the spread of broadband Internet, online live TV and on demand video are more attractive than classic multichannel subscription television.

Since cord cutting is dependent on the Internet connection, low quality video, buffering and even disconnects are often experienced. Nothing is more frustrating than streaming live sports on a connection that is not stable or that keeps on stuttering.

Some suggest selecting a lower quality for your streaming video, in order to cope with the bandwidth that you have. But it’s totally understandable why you wouldn’t pick that as the first fix. After all, everybody should have access to a decent Internet connection in terms of stability and bandwidth.

See below how to fix cord cutter streaming issues easily.

Cort Cutter Streaming: Why Are Some Videos Buffering?

You can encounter this issue even if you’re paying for a fast Internet connection to your ISP. A full HD (1080p) streaming video should have no issues loading cursively on a 10 Mbps connection. Even if you’re doing some browsing or social media on the side. But still – why do you get cord cutter streaming issues on broadband connections?

Here are some possible causes:

  • There are temporary technical issues with your ISP – you may be getting lower bandwidth than what you’re paying for. Run an online speed test and check this out.
  • Your ISP has peering issues with the streaming platform. For example – your YouTube videos may load and play just fine. But you may be experiencing buffering and slow loading videos with others, such as Twitch, Vimeo, Hulu, etc.
  • Your ISP may be throttling data to some platforms. The symptoms are similar to the above, only this time it’s intentional from the ISP. Check here if your ISP is throttling your connection.
  • If you’re traveling or on the move, your laptop or mobile device may lose connectivity while roaming between WiFi hotspots and cellular data.

Of course, if the bandwidth that you’re getting according to the contract is too low, you should expect this type of issues. In this case, the best solution would be to upgrade to a better Internet package or combine 2 or more connections.

Speedify Bonding VPN Fixes Cord Cutter Streaming Issues

Speedify is a bonding VPN app that brings something unique to the table. It unlocks the full power of your cort cutter streaming devices, allowing you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously. This gives you more bandwidth for your streaming videos. With Speedify there is no more buffering, frozen or slow loading videos.

Even with just one connection, Speedify helps your Internet be faster and more stable. That’s because it can minimize the packet loss rate so that you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Speaking of stable Internet, Speedify also comes with auto failover protection. This means that if one of your connections fails, Speedify automatically reroutes all the traffic through your available connection. This happens in the background without you having to do anything. You just get to keep enjoying your cord cutter streaming videos.

How to Fix Cord Cutter Streaming Issues with Speedify

Speedify bonding VPN runs on computers and mobile devices on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. So, if your cord cutter hardware runs on these operating systems, just download, install and run Speedify and you’re done. Please refer to our knowledge base if you have any questions on that.

If you use a streaming device or a gaming console as your cord cutter hardware, you need to share your Speedify connection via WiFi.

Cord Cutter Streaming Content Restricted? Unblock It with Speedify Bonding VPN

The main reason for restricting content, streaming video and music platforms is licensing issues.

Other reasons for blocking content are:

  • compliance with local laws – local governments may consider certain content as inappropriate
  • protecting marketing partners – some types of movies, TV shows or sports events are only licensed to be shown in certain countries or regions by specific providers.

When you use Speedify bonding VPN, you can choose a server in the country where the content you’re trying to watch is unrestricted. For example, a US server for Hulu, a UK server for BBC, etc.

Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from a secure and totally private connection to the Internet. Speedify uses advanced encryption with no activity logs kept, of course!

If you are a serious cord cutter and want to enjoy high quality streaming, you need to use Speedify. It will change the way you watch everything. No more buffering, no more disconnects!

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