Fix Slow iCloud Backups and Increase iCloud Security Instantly

Are your iCloud backups Slow? Does Syncing to iCloud take forever?

Apple’s iCloud can make your life a lot easier. That is if the service isn’t running painfully slow. A slow iCloud connection is enough to make you scream at your iPhone or iPad as you wait for hours for things to sync. A slow running iCloud can affect everything from your pictures, to your contacts and backups.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to fix slow iCloud forever. Speedify is an iOS app that not only solves your slow iCloud issues, it also makes your device more secure.

Your iOS Device is Set Up for Limited Connectivity

More often than not, the issue with slow iCloud is your internet connection. iOS devices are set up for limited connectivity. Your phone or tablet only connects to the internet through either its wifi or cell signal.

If you are have any signal disruptions, during a sync or backup, it will delay all iCloud activity. Your Photostream may not update, your videos may not transfer, and your backups may take hours, or even fail altogether. It doesn’t take much to disrupt the signal. Bad weather, heavy usage, or interference from other wireless devices can all weaken or disrupt your signal.

Each of these issues contributes to a painfully slow iCloud experience.

Speedify Solves Slow iCloud Problems

Speedify solves your slow iCloud issues by changing the defaults on your device for handling data. Instead of limiting your device to just wifi or just cell signal, Speedify allows your device to use both connections at the same time. This delivers lightning fast results. Pictures and even videos sync faster, backups run smoothly and finish quickly.

Speedify continuously monitors your internet connections and signal strength as it runs in the background. If one of your connections fails, Speedify uses its auto failover to reroute all the data traffic to the other internet connection until the first connection can safely be reestablished.

This means that a minor disruption in your wifi signal won’t cause your backup to crash or abort. When you are using Speedify, you may not even notice anything is wrong with the wifi because the app works to keep the data flowing and makes any connection transitions seamless.

Speedify uses its industry leading mobile VPN technology to make sure all your internet connected apps work as quickly as possible.

How Vulnerable is Your iCloud Data?

Speedify’s mobile VPN does more than just solve your slow iCloud problem. It also protects your device and your data from snoops and malicious hackers.

Your iCloud account contains a ton of data about you. If hackers got access to your iCloud account, they could cause you a lot of problems. Speedify protects you from compromised wifi networks and helps keep your iCloud data safe and secure through the use of cutting-edge digital encryption.

When you use Speedify to improve your iCloud performance, you are also taking an important step in protecting yourself from cyber threats.

If you want to get the most out of your device, fix your slow iCloud problems, and keep your data more secure, you need to download and run Speedify right away.

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