How to Stream the World Cup Anywhere

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

The World Cup is in full swing, and thankfully real time streaming access is high-quality and plentiful. No matter where you are, with Speedify you can combine all your available Internet connections so you can watch all 22 players on the pitch in pixel perfect HD resolution. Say that 10 times fast!

In the US, all the games are available to live stream for free through either ESPN or ABC but with one important caveat. In order to log in and watch the feed you must have a valid set of account credentials from your cable TV provider (Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner, Optimum, etc).  If you don’t subscribe to cable, now is the time to start calling in some favors!

Go Global

In the event that you’re unable to wrangle up some credentials in order to stream from ESPN or Univision there’s a whole world (literally) of providers offering streaming coverage of the World Cup.

It’s not as simple as just visiting the UK’s BBC or France’s TF1 or ITV websites though, as access is typically “region locked” which means you won’t be able to watch anything unless your computer’s Internet traffic is originating from the host’s country (in this example the UK or France respectively).

Lucky for you, as a Speedify subscriber you’ve got access to our global network of Speed Servers, so whether you’re all out of options or just want to hear some polite British commentary all you have to do is connect to a remote server (London in the UK or Paris for France) and you’ll be watching “o jogo bonito” (the beautiful game) in no time.

PRO TIP: This also works great for accessing Youtube, Pandora, and other region locked streaming services when traveling outside of the US.

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