Unblock Websites and Enjoy Restricted Content Online

Best Ways to Unblock a Website

For one reason or another there are many websites accessible only in certain regions. Or, otherwise said, some websites are blocked on certain networks. This can become an issue if you are traveling a lot and want to:

  • access websites that you are using at home.
  • access certain websites for work.
  • listen to some music or watch a movie, but the service you’d like to use is blocked.

Websites can be blocked on multiple levels:

  • device level – via software or rules that block certain websites from being accessed
  • local network level – school, college, or work networks usually
  • carrier or ISP level – websites can be blocked directly from your provider
  • national / governmental level – all traffic entering or leaving the country can be blocked.

Let’s see how you can unblock websites so you can enjoy your favorite content online.

Why Are Websites Blocked in the First Place

Internet censorship is the main reason why many websites are inaccessible in some regions. Some may argue that censorship makes sense in certain cases and is important to protect people. But, at the end of the day, all that censorship does is limit free speech and freedom on the internet. People can protect themselves just fine, and for those worried about their children there is parental control. You can set rules on websites that can and can’t be accessed by your young ones.

However, blocking websites doesn’t always happen at the government level. If you are a college student on campus, you are familiar with all the restrictions on the campus network. Same goes if you’re using the workplace network. There are blocked websites and services you can’t access and they claim it’s to manage network resources and usage.

Some companies (especially content providers like streaming video or audio) block content in specific countries due to licensing, specific laws and possibly other reasons.

If this sounds too intimidating and you are giving up on the idea of accessing the websites you want – stop right there! We can do it, we can unblock websites you want to visit.

Four Tips on How to Unblock Websites

Here are some very creative ways to unblock websites:

  1. Enter the site’s IP directly instead of its URL. When a website is blocked, there is a chance that it’s only the website URL that’s restricted. The IP address may still be accessible.
    In this case, you can visit any IP lookup website and enter the domain you’d like to find the IP address of. Once you have the IP, you can enter it in your  browser’s address bar instead of the URL.
    However, keep in mind that some websites disabled access via the IP address. Also, for some blocked websites, using the IP won’t take you directly to the homepage.
  2. View web pages cached in Google search results. While not technically a way to unblock websites, Google allows you to view cached websites. You can find the full step by step guide here. This is useful when you’re trying to access content that doesn’t refresh so often.
  3. Change your DNS settings. Most people change the DNS servers in order to avoid ads. But changing your DNS can also allow you to unblock websites – here is a great article on this from TechRadar.
  4. Use Google Translate. Yes, you read it right! You can visit Google Translate and enter the URL of the website you want to visit. Make sure to select a language other than English (even if the website is in English), translate the URL and click on the link. You’ve just used Google Translate as a web proxy – a neat party trick for unblocking websites.

While the above are quite creative solutions, they may or may not work for you. As we kept the best for last, there is a solution that almost always works and is way less complicated – using a VPN.

Fool Proof Way to Unblock Websites: Use a Fast VPN

As any VPN, Speedify encrypts all traffic going in and out your device. This means that the software, network admins, ISP or government will not be able to know what you’re accessing. So, you will unblock the websites easily.

All you need to do is connect to a Speedify VPN server in a location where the websites you’re trying to access are not blocked. 

Why use Speedify as your VPN? That’s because, unlike all other VPNs, Speedify allows you to combine multiple internet connections at once. The resulting “super” connection is more reliable and faster. Even if you can’t use multiple connections at once, Speedify helps you get a better Internet experience as the fastest VPN out there.

To recap – Speedify bonding VPN not only helps you unblock websites and services. It also helps improve the reliability and speed of your Internet connection, wherever you may be. Get Speedify now and enjoy your favorite content online.

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