User Stories: How to Make Starlink Internet More Reliable

Testing Speedify with Starlink Internet for Failover and Reliability

Joseph Cristina is a Starlink user and content creator on YouTube. He has a lot of Starlink dedicated videos on his channel and has been testing a lot of Starlink Internet related hardware and services.

He has been confronted with Internet issues first hand and that's why he has been searching for a solution to get more reliable Starlink satellite Internet. He has tested hundreds of failover, load balancing and bonding routers. He only found one of those routers (a Peplink one) that was worth it in terms of functionality, but it is very expensive. That is until he started testing Speedify - watch the video and read more below.

Testing Speedify for Reliable Starlink Internet

Joseph started testing Speedify and did so for about 5 weeks. During this time, he was constantly in touch with our team, providing feedback and helping make the Speedify app work better with Starlink.

In fact, one of his tests was an actual live stream with combining a Starlink connection (which was non-functional when the stream started) and a T-Mobile cellular connection - and it was a success: no issues were seen.

During the tests, Speedify proved to be able to provide more reliable Internet under all sort of Internet connectivity situations. But according to Joseph, using Speedify to combine Starlink Internet and his other connection also helped boost the speed of the bonded Internet 3 fold.

And this isn't actually the only success story for reliable Starlink Internet using Speedify - our friends at UFD Tech have been doing a cross-country live streaming fundraiser using Speedify - read more about that.

How Speedify Works to Provide More Reliable Starlink Internet

Speedify is the only software app that allows you to use two or more connections at the same time on your computer or mobile device. It uses channel bonding technology for that, which provides a more reliable and secure Internet experience.

Aside from thousands of Starlink users already running Speedify, we wanted to drink our own champagne - that's why we got our own Starlink for RV and started running a 24/7 live stream of the Philadelphia skyline - check out our Starlink live streaming setup and our experience with that after 6 months.

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