Getting YouTube Blocked Video? Learn to Bypass Restrictions

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Bypass YouTube’s Regional Filter Easily with Speedify Fast Bonding VPN

Ever wondered why you get the “video not available in your country” message on YouTube? It uses regional filters to restrict certain videos from being played in certain regions and countries. This can have multiple causes, including copyright issues and author restrictions for certain countries or regions.

When you get, YouTube blocked video, bypass this error easily using a fast bonding VPN like Speedify. Connect to a server in a non-restricted country and you will be able to watch any YouTube video. See below how to do that in 3 steps.


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What Do I Need to Do to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos from Other Countries?

Stumbled upon YouTube blocked videos? These are region restricted in certain countries or regions for two main reasons.

  1. Content does not comply with the laws of the country. The more restrictive the laws of a country are, the more videos YouTube’s regional filters will block in that country. The regional filters typically apply restrictions automatically. Sometimes there may be nothing wrong with the video you want to see. YouTube would rather be safe than sorry. So, its algorithms sometimes incorrectly filter videos.
  2. Licensing restrictions. Content creators and distributors have settings on their video. They can keep it from being shown in certain regions. A creator may be using intellectual property that it has licensed, but that license may only apply to certain regions. This is the same issue with the streaming-video giants, like Netflix, Hulu or BBC. Because of complicated licensing issues, some content is not allowed to be shown by certain distributors in certain regions.

Three Tricks to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Less than 5 Minutes

Need to bypass YouTube blocked videos? Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Get Speedify fast bonding VPN. It’s available on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android smartphone
  2. Run Speedify. Connect to a server located in a region where the YouTube video is not restricted.
  3. Navigate to YouTube or use the YouTube app without region restrictions.

Speedify is a powerful, fast bonding VPN that uses advanced encryption and channel bonding tehnology. It works to mask your true location and your real IP address. YouTube detects you are in a different region. So, you are able to watch any YouTube video you want without region restrictions.

Speedify doesn’t take any technical expertise to setup and run. All you have to do is install the app on your device, open it and connect. Then, all of your Internet browsing will be safe from snoops and regional filters. Speedify lets you bypass region restricted videos from YouTube or any other streaming service.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify is powered by a revolutionary technology known as Channel Bonding. This allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, gaming and streaming video can be improved by Speedify.


No More Slow, Blocked YouTube Videos. Bypass and Enjoy with Speedify

Using a VPN is the easiest and most common ways of bypassing YouTube  blocked videos. Almost any VPN can help you access any YouTube videos you want. There’s a catch: most VPNs will also slow down your connection. It can reach the point that watching videos can be painful. Standard VPNs were designed in an era when you would mainly browse the Internet and check your email. Streaming video wasn’t widespread as today. This means that they can slow down connections by as much as 50%.

Speedify works completely different. It still provides the same level of security and IP address masking. But it won’t slow down your internet connection. With channel bonding, Speedify’s encryption protocol allows for secure, lightning fast connections.

Getting YouTube blocked videos? Bypass the restrictions. Forget about dealing with videos constantly buffering, or dropped connections. Use Speedify fast bonding VPN. 

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