Introducing Speedify 4.0

Speedify 4.0 Is Now Available

Yes, it’s that time again! Big and exciting things have been happening over here at Speedify. We’re thrilled to announce the release of Speedify 4.0 – better, faster and prettier – the result of our users providing feedback and almost one year of hard work by our team.

New Features in Speedify 4.0

  • A completely redesigned, beautiful user experience – the result of us teaming up with app design guru Loren Brichter
  • Even faster speeds, with lower CPU usage and better battery life for mobile devices
  • Graphs for both real time, and historic usage
  • Streamlined getting started experience. No need to create an account or anything like that to get going, no unnecessary permissions for the mobile app. You can be connected within 30 seconds of installing.
  • A new mode for mobile users: Redundant Mode. This was our most frequently requested feature. Especially by reporters! When activated, your data is sent on both Wi-Fi and Cellular. So important VoIP calls, and live video streaming events don’t get interrupted, no matter what.
  • More servers in more countries so we’re just “around the corner” for you, as Speedify is used all over the world

Update Speedify!

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