April Office Hours Takeaways: Speedify Makes Starlink Work Better

Speedify 13.2 is Here - Are You Using the Latest Version?

In April we launched Speedify 13.2, which brings an important update to the Bypass capabilities, expanding the available options to around 70 sites and services. The new version improves even more the performance of our app when it comes to Starlink Internet, among the usual bug fixes and general improvements.

Every Wednesday, as usual, our engineers go live in front of our users and answer their questions related to using the app, best practices and feature requests. This month we got a lot of questions related to live streaming and Starlink. Read below a selection of those.

Using Speedify for Failover

If you’re looking for failover / LRT (link resilience technology), Speedify has its own version in our Redundant mode! LRT is a technology used to help improve connections by using multiple connections simultaneously, so if one fails, it jumps over to the other – this is what our Redundant mode does. 

One of the questions we get a lot is if you can use the failover feature without the VPN. The answer is: no. This is because in order to do the bonding and the seamless failover, you need to have a VPN server as the intermediate point to do the talking to the servers on the internet, so even if one connection drops, your traffic still looks like it’s coming from the Speedify servers.

How to Get More Reliable Starlink Internet with Speedify

When it comes to testing Speedify with various scenarios, we have a wide variety of connections available! We have a “test town” where we can emulate any internet connection in any scenario, running servers 24/7 with Speedify clients, going through different combinations of connections and scenarios.

One of the places where we use this is our 24/7 Twitch stream. It uses Starlink Internet with an emulated DSL connection for a more realistic scenario; you can listen to chill music from Slip.stream, use chat commands for some fun, and keep an eye on the Starlink stats on screen while seeing Speedify in action. We have learned a lot from this during the last 6 month.

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Make sure you tune in for 30 minutes and find out how to get faster, more reliable and secure Internet connectivity for live streaming, video conferencing, online gaming and browsing in general.

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