Speedify 12 – Your Go-To Connectivity App for Live Streaming and Remote Work

Speedify 12 Is Now Available

Introducing Speedify 12, the best Speedify ever! It’s here to help you improve your Internet connectivity when you need it most. Stable and fast Internet is what makes or breaks your live streams and your remote work video calls. 

Speedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing. And to be clear, that’s combining and using at the same time, not just switching between the connections, like any device can do. 

Technically speaking, Speedify makes up to 8 connections to the server on each of your internet connections! And the difference can be huge: up to twice the performance versus the old Speedify when using it on Internet connections with very high speeds, high latency or high packet loss. You get better overall latency and bandwidth of the bonded connection. 

Speedify is all about live streaming and remote work. It’s set to prioritize the real-time streaming traffic, be it live streams, video calls, online games, etc., over other types of internet traffic. You can be sure that no backup job, browsing session or system updates will ruin your live streaming experience.

New in Speedify 12

  • Live streaming toolkit performance monitoring tools: stream health indicators and notifications.
  • Built in livestreaming test evaluates network upload performance to estimate video streaming quality.
  • Improved detection and performance of live streams from all sources, platforms and through all major protocols
  • Updated News & Events section - you will be able to get the latest from our blog, find out what's cool on Speedify LIVE and receive release notes such as this right from the app. Just click on the main app menu and bring that section up.

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