Introducing Speedify 8.0 – Now Supports Linux and Raspberry Pi with Python API!

Speedify 8.0 Is Now Available

Introducing Speedify 8.0, the latest and greatest version for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and now Linux too! For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience update to Speedify 8.0 on all of your devices right now!

New Features in Speedify X.X

  • Support for Linux, including a wide variety of devices from Desktops to Raspberry Pi
    • [Linux only] Share your bonded VPN connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to all your devices.
  • A new Python API to let Windows, macOS and Linux users interact and control Speedify from their programs and scripts. Available on GitHub.

5 Facts About the New Speedify for Linux

  • Speedify for Linux runs on any Debian-based distribution, including Ubuntu (16.04 and later) and Raspbian (for Raspberry Pi)
  • It can use any type of Internet connection that Linux can use.
  • Has both user interface and full command line interface available
  • Speedify for Linux does not have the “DNS selection” feature built in, as it’s easy to change that in Linux already.
  • Speedify for Linux subscriptions start from $8.99 / month.

Speedify 8 – Who Would Want This

  • Regardless of the operating system (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS) Speedify is the perfect bonding VPN tool for anybody that needs a fast, stable and secure Internet connection.

    • Live streamers (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.) including IRL streamers: put Speedify on a tiny Raspberry Pi in your backpack and connect all your cellular connections.  
    • Home users looking for stable and faster Internet. Speedify can be used on Linux-based devices with networking functions to bond and encrypt all your Internet connections, and then share the bonded connection with the rest of your network.
    • Linux users who want increased reliability, speed, and security.
    • Anyone doing mission critical tasks like live streaming as a reporter, vlogger, online gamer, or putting a business online. Using Linux for your Internet bonding and sharing gives you rock solid reliability for your Internet.

Update Speedify!

For the fastest, most reliable, and most secure VPN experience update Speedify on all of your devices right now!