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We often get asked just how much battery Speedify uses.  Answering this question turned out to be more interesting than we expected… it also lead to a new release that you’ll want to get immediately!

We just launched Speedify 4.0.7, a new version that has some major battery improvements.  In particular, Speedify now does a better job of turning off cellular when you don’t immediately need it.  We  also cut down on background tasks and traffic that were using the CPU or network.

Then we went into the test lab, and started streaming videos and measuring battery usage: http://msupport.speedify.com/article/246-battery-life


After extended testing, Speedify uses very little battery.  In an hour of streaming video, the additional drop in battery from using Speedify ranges from 0% to 1%.  

The tricky part is that if you go into your phone’s settings it will then show Speedify using something like 20% of your battery!  What? How does that fit with my 0% to 1% numbers?

Because Speedify is managing your Internet connectivity, all the battery usage and data usage of your other apps gets “moved” from the other app onto Speedify in the Settings app.  So you may see some scary numbers in there, but watch how long your battery actually lasts: Speedify is not a problem.

If you’re haven’t installed the latest version yet, it’s time to upgrade!


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