What People Are Saying About Us: Speedify Reviews and Awards – Episode 3

Will Speedify Make My Internet Faster, More Stable and Secure?

Judging by the reviews we got in the last few months – yes, Speedify can make your Internet better. In mid September we also launched the new version of Speedify 7, which comes along with great improvements on the functionality side. So, we expect the positive reviews to multiply in the future.

Let’s see some of the opinions of Speedify users.

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“My Live Stream is Running Perfectly Now – Thank You!”

Shawn contacted us by email in July 2018 just to share his experience with Speedify:

“I’ve been trying to fix my streams for MONTHS. I’ve tried Twitch / YouTube / Mixer. I’ve tried Xsplit / StreamlabsOBS / OBS / OBS Studio. I’ve switched the internet provider location, switched homes, switched modems routers and cabling. I constantly dropped frames. 5% minimum per stream generally higher and spikes of 20%-60%. I came across Speedify, threw on the trial just for a laugh and low and behold… 5 dropped frames total. Decided to purchase it and now my stream is running perfectly again. I can’t make this shit up. I’ve used TCP/IP optimizer, I’ve gone through a dozen YouTube guides and tutorials. I’m not sure what this thing does but my stream is running perfectly now thank you guys!!!”

So, if you’re streaming live on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms – be sure to give Speedify a try!

Fortnite Gaming Online is Better with Speedify

Fixing packet loss / dropped frames and combining connections is useful when playing Fortnite online. Check out this Reddit thread where users share their experience with various ISPs and how Speedify fixes their issues.

“Speedify removes our packet loss 100%, we have 0-10% from Cox to Fortnite.”

“Yeah I decided to skip risking the hassle, just bought a year of Speedify. It’s actually fixed all my issues and playing on east is feeling fine!!”

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify makes your internet secure, stable, and fast with the magic of Channel Bonding--but how?

  1. First, Speedify establishes a connection to one of our Speed Servers in the Cloud. This acts as a middleman between you and the rest of the internet, keeping your web activity private and secure.
  2. Next, the app works with the Speed Server to intelligently spread network packets among all your available internet connections.
  3. And presto! Speedify is able to provide the combined speed and stability of all your internet connections—unlike any other VPN on the market.

On the Move? Speedify is the Perfect Travel Companion for Your Internet Connectivity

Whether you’re a live reporter broadcasting from the field, a commuter or just driving around the country, Speedify makes it so much easier to enjoy always-on connectivity. You don’t have to worry about bad Wi-Fi hotspots and other faulty and security prone Internet connections.

So What’s the Verdict with Speedify? Does It Work or Not?

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