Stay Connected on Google Hangouts

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How to Speed Up the Conversation Today, video conferencing and instant messaging apps like Google Hangouts have become a lifeline for many people to stay in touch across the globe. For many users with Google Hangouts installed on their iOS or Android device, instant messaging, group chat, and video conferencing has come to replace email and text message as a … Read More

Save Your Work On Dropbox, Guaranteed

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Speed Up Sync Time on Dropbox These days, cloud storage is an incredibly important part of our day-to-day lives. Important documents in the cloud can conveniently be accessed from all your devices, and storage services like Dropbox are increasingly important to anyone hoping to hang onto all those smartphone pictures and videos that we all take each and every day. … Read More

How to Fix Internet Packet Loss

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What is Packet Loss and How can I Fix it? What is a Packet? Packets are single small formatted units of data that you send and receive when accessing content across the Internet. Whenever you request a web page, upload a photo, download a file, stream a video, or play a game on the internet you exchanging millions of these … Read More

Speedify Users Love Redundant Mode

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The good kind of redundancy… If you recently updated to the latest version of Speedify, you may have noticed the new ‘Redundant Mode’ setting on the Speedify home screen. We added this powerful feature for users that want rock-solid connectivity while using multiple flaky Internet connections. In Redundant Mode, Speedify sends all of your data over every one of your … Read More

Is There a Hidden Cost to your Xfinity Router?

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With the hopes of creating a nationwide public WiFi network, Comcast has been pushing new Xfinity WiFi routers into its customers’ homes that broadcast a public wireless network in addition to the home Internet connection. It’s an interesting idea that has been embraced by some, but has raised questions about security with others. As a bandwidth-obsessed engineer, my immediate inclination … Read More