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Awkward_Travels: The Full-Time Travelers Streaming a Trip Around the World | Speedify LIVE

August 9, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

How to Livestream Successfully from Around the World

On the 113th episode of Speedify LIVE we’re joined by Gaspard, one half of Awkwards_Travel, a full-time traveler couple who have been livestreaming their journey around the world, from cities to mountains to above (and below) the sea!

We chat to Gaspard about how they became first travel channel on Twitch, what it’s like to be a LiveU Ambassador, get some useful advice for beginner streamers and even hear a couple fun stories of the couple’s adventures!

Here are our 5 takeaways from our chat to Gaspard from Awkwards_Travel:

  1. When it comes to keeping the audience engaged, Gaspard says they always make sure that their streams are constant, full-time conversation! The streaming due feels that interactivity is key on Twitch. So they try to answer everyone in chat, so running the streams with his partner, Tallulah, helps a lot. 
  2. Gaspard gives two useful pieces of advice to new streamers: 1. Consistency is key, so make sure to always stream at the same time, so people know when to watch you; 2. Don’t try to imitate anyone else, find your niche, and if you’re passionate about it, you will find people that have the same passion and they will watch you. 
  3. Awkwards_Travel only creates content for their Twitch, for multiple reasons: they don’t really have time to create for other platforms, but they also feel that each platform has their own code and culture, so they want to focus on doing one thing great, instead of spreading thin in multiple spaces. 
  4. For their streams, Gaspard and Tallulah use multiple different setups: on the boat they use a LiveU LU600 with an HDMI input, connected to drone that can go underwater, with a Sony camera on the boat; while on land they use a number of streaming backpack setups with a LiveU Solo, and have a mirrorless Olympus camera with interchangeable lens as well. 
  5. Gaspard recommends that when first starting out, start small. He says that you shouldn’t start with the big, expensive setup big streamers are using: start small, use your phone, add Speedify to improve your connections, and then maybe you can think about upgrading your equipment later, once things are working out.
There is a sense of self accomplishment when you manage to present something that so far, everyone still wasn't possible to show.
Gaspard from Awkwards_Travel
Join us LIVE with Tallulah & Gaspard from Awkward_Travels, the full-time traveler couple who’s been livestreaming their journey around the world, from cities to mountains to above (and below!) the sea.

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August 9, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT