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Behind the Scenes with Youtube Profession & Live Streaming Expert Alex Pettitt | Speedify LIVE

June 21, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Best Practices when Live Streaming

On the 95th episode of Speedify LIVE we are joined by Alex Pettitt, creative technologist, live-streaming expert & YouTuber who produces videos for clients like Redbull, TECHEETAH, & True Geordie, as well as his own tech content for his YouTube channel.

We chat to Alex about how streaming platforms constantly evolve, why he prefers hardware over software, how to get sponsors and how to get started as a streamer.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our interview with Alex Pettitt:

  1. Alex says he prefers hardware over software, just for the tactile feel of it all, so his current setup mainly consists of Blackmagic’s products: from a Blackmagic Studio 4K Pro, to an ATEM mini Extreme ISO, as well as an overhead camera for his desk in case of product reviews, a Shure microphone, complete with a couple colorful background lights to give his setup some flair.
  2. When it comes to reviewing products and getting sponsors, Alex says he has his own policy: he will not show any product that he doesn’t think is valuable to him or his audience. He has a strict screening process when receiving offers or reaching out to companies, and advises that others do the same with their sponsors. 
  3. Alex says there’s benefits to streaming to just one platform and to multi-platform streaming as well! The exposure you get from getting your content to as many platforms as possible can be helpful, which is now made easy by services like Restream; but having just one platform where all viewers can chat together is also a good way to go. 
  4. According to Alex, there’s a huge future in livestream shopping in the coming years! He sees what TikTok, Facebook Live and Amazon Live have been doing and says there’s great opportunities there for various collaborations.
  5. Alex’s advice on getting started with streaming: use what you already have! Your smartphone’s camera is a good way to start, most social platforms have their own apps that allow streaming, and then expand to better gear and streaming software when you feel the need to, and have the budget.
I love the editing process, the scripting process and things like that of recorded videos, but nothing for me beats the buzz that you get from pressing the go live button and that raw “there's no reset button, if you mess up, you mess up” feeling.
Alex Pettitt
Join us LIVE with Alex Pettitt, the live-streaming expert & YouTube professional who produces videos for clients like Redbull, TECHEETAH, & True Geordie, as well as insightful & educational tech content from his YouTube channel.

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June 21, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT