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IRL: Eakins Oval Beer Garden | Speedify LIVE

July 21, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Beer, Music, Fun and Philadelphia

On the 107th episode of Speedify LIVE we take a field trip to Eakins Oval Beer Garden and the park at the Ben Franklin Parkway in the hub of Center City Philadelphia!

We are joined by Jamie Lokoff from MilkBoy as we visit the largest outdoor beer garden in the city, see the largest mobile ferris wheel in the world, and talk to few of the vendors and performers at the Beer Garden.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our IRL stream from Eakins Oval:

  1. Our established IRL streaming setup is still working for us: streaming from an iPhone 12 Pro combining its own cellular and the Wi-Fi hotspot of another phone in Speedify for the stream stability, going through Larix Broadcaster via RTMP link to Restream Studio; also using our trusted DJI Osmo 3 gimbal and the Rode Wireless Go II microphones. 
  2. Eakins Oval is not just your regular Beer Garden! It’s the largest in Philadelphia, at about 60,000 square feet with everything from the beer garden itself, a main and secondary stage for various DJs and concerts, to a kids’ area and picnic tables, seats all over the grounds, as well as 360-degree projection domes. 
  3. Jamie tells us that while MilkBoy started as a recording studio in the mid-90s, for mostly heavy metal and hip-hop, it has now grown into so much more! In the early 2000s they started to diversify and stepped into the world of coffee shops with open mic nights, then added liquor into the mix, while the recording studio evolved as well, and has even won multiple Grammys and is producing music for movies too. 
  4. MilkBoy is also working with Upped Events, a Philadelphia company that does events in both Philly and across the US. They handle all the logistics of the events, can tie it into their system and help with everything, including reporting finances.
  5. One of the bands playing at Eakins Oval is The Miners! They are a Philadelphia-based alt-country band, a mix of indie rock and traditional country. They have just released an album called Megunticook, named after the lead vocalist’s happy place at lake Megunticook in Maine.
The whole oval came together really quick and in large part because of Covid and not knowing what was going to be in the summer and spring. But we had the idea, and we liked this spot, and if you think about it, it’s really one of the best spots in the city.
Jamie Lokoff
Join us on an IRL field trip around Eakins Oval Beer Garden and the park at the Ben Franklin Parkway in the hub of Center City Philadelphia! Featuring the largest outdoor beer garden in the city and the largest mobile ferris wheel in the world. Powered by Speedify and filmed LIVE on an iPhone!

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July 21, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT