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Speedify Live Presents: Catch Ghosts on Camera with Willard Library

October 26, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Live Streaming Ghost Hunting from the Oldest Public Library in Indiana

The Willard Public Library, located in Evansville, Indiana, is the oldest of its kind in the state. Due to ghost sightings testimonies in the library building, they decided to put up streaming webcams so people all over the Internet could see that. The first webcam was put up over 20 years ago, in 1999. Today, in 2021, multiple cams with recording ability are available.

We are joined by the library’s director, Greg Hager to learn more about the history of the building, all the ghosts that haunt it, and how they started their own Haunted Library Livestream.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our virtual visit to Willard Library:

  1. The Willard Public Library has had reports of various ghost sightings: of older men and women, young children, even a ghost cat, but the most famous one is the Grey Lady. Nobody knows who she really is, but some say it’s the ghost of Louise Carpenter, the daughter of the library’s founder. She roams the halls in her Victorian dress, and face covered in a veil.
  2. Now operating with 6 cameras, the library first set up its cameras in the early days of the Internet, in 1999. This lead to a boom of interest in the library, and its ghosts, so much so that it got featured in the Associated Press and all the paranormal TV shows you could think of. People even crashed the network once, due to the website’s unexpected traffic!
  3. Under normal circumstances, the library is busiest over the 2 weeks surrounding Halloween. They would organize free public ghost tours, and get as much as two thousand visitors over the two weeks of Halloween!
  4. The library became so famous that even the world-renowned Ed and Lorraine Warren have visited it in the 1980s! Lorraine even confirmed that she felt a presence in the children’s story room, seeing a woman in despair in her vision.
  5. Greg tells us that the library’s network and cameras are currently running on fiber optic internet, which they review each year to make sure they provide the best possible experience.

If you don’t want to check with your provider every year, and still want to avoid any Streamergencies, Speedify can help your livestreams by combining your internet connections for better speeds and stability.

We have fiber optic Internet here in the library, for the ghost cams. We review that on an annual basis with our provider, to make sure we're not inconveniencing anybody because of slow bandwidth.
Greg Hager
Join us for a spooky Live Discussion and Q&A with Greg Hager, director at the Willard Public Library, home of the Grey Lady Ghost. Every year the library broadcasts livestreams from every room to track down the apparition!

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October 26, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT